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    Are Impulse Triggers implemented in GRID 2019? (Xbox One X)

    I feel the handling is lacking in overall feel, in my opinion. So much so that i played a few hours then haven't touched it since. Ultimate Edition for the win
  2. SillySinStorm


    Anyone else feel that there's a lack of feel through the triggers? FH4 nails the feel of traction loss on both brake and accelerator. GRID seems a little dead by comparison.
  3. SillySinStorm

    Camaro in the Supercars championship...

    The Camaro was supposed to join V8 Supercars for 2020 but the low body profile caused issues in matching the control saloon cars that are currently used.
  4. SillySinStorm

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC 8 and WRC 9

    Anybody else having the game stutter, freeze and then shut down their Xbox One X? Doesn't happen with any other game.
  5. SillySinStorm

    What are the things you Like? F12019

    The AI are great this year. After pitting at Spain i had a 26 lap battle with Hamilton to the finish. Absolutely mind blowing. It took all my defensive driving skills to keep him behind. Love it
  6. SillySinStorm

    Petition to make the multiplayer car default for Time Trial

    I'd even go as far as having "stock" time trial events. No setups just a tune created by Codies for everyone to use for that track. Everyone has the same tools as extreme setups would be moot.
  7. How about NOT buff assists and just put the "majority", as you call it, in their own lobbies. Problem solved. Assist users have had it sweet for a while. About time they raced as the game intended. F1 as a motorsport ditched assists over a decade ago.
  8. SillySinStorm

    Class is in session

    That's a shame as i'd have liked to have raced with you. Hope you enjoy the game on release.
  9. SillySinStorm

    Class is in session

    Are you on Xbox? Could do with a decent racer friend for when F1 2019 launches...
  10. SillySinStorm

    GRID pre-order links

    Need some Xbox One Ultimate Edition digital goodness 😎🏁
  11. F2 confirmed? I'm a happy boy. Hurry up release day 🏁
  12. SillySinStorm

    F1 2019 wishlist

    All i want is penalties that actually deter the rammers and corner cutters from doing so. Whilst the safety rating is a step in the right direction i've lost count of the amount of times i've been spun into a wall with terminal damage, ending my race. The culprit? Carries on their merry way with a paltry 2 second penalty.
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    Can't wait. Hope to get lucky with the beta this year...
  14. SillySinStorm

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    For some reason when i try to play the weekly challenge with the DLC cars it doesn't recognise my season pass, despite D+ being on my profile. Edit: i'm stupid. Both cars were waiting to be installed on my Xbox
  15. SillySinStorm

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Can anyone else get the Wheelspin achievement to pop on Xbox? Have run plenty of races without any assists enabled and have made no progress towards it.
  16. SillySinStorm

    No current gen version? Seriously?

    I got an X1 to be able to enjoy my favourite hobby to the full. I understand Codie's reasoning to a point but don't quite agree with the comments about previous gen being so important that current gen gets pushed aside. Yes, we're just into the console cycle, but Microsoft and Sony (and their gamers) won't be happy if devs pass up games for X1 and PS4 just to assuage the 360/PS3ers. Let's look at it another way: would you 360/PS3ers be happy if us X1/PS4ers said "tough" regarding our games which are exclusive to our gen but that you'd like on your systems?
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    I cannot wait for more news!!! Seriously hyped.