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  1. I actually enjoy racing the AI this year. They aren't a pushover and that's a good thing in my book.
  2. Ahh, so not just me then. Hopefully it's fixed soon. I too am loathe to purchase any in case they don't show.
  3. @BarryBL Still no Pitcoins on my account. Have restarted Xbox twice (Digital Schumi edition). Please help.
  4. I also have this issue on Xbox One X. Has crashed to home screen 5 times now. Not playing My Team until it's patched.
  5. Anybody else having the game stutter, freeze and then shut down their Xbox One X? Doesn't happen with any other game.
  6. I got an X1 to be able to enjoy my favourite hobby to the full. I understand Codie's reasoning to a point but don't quite agree with the comments about previous gen being so important that current gen gets pushed aside. Yes, we're just into the console cycle, but Microsoft and Sony (and their gamers) won't be happy if devs pass up games for X1 and PS4 just to assuage the 360/PS3ers. Let's look at it another way: would you 360/PS3ers be happy if us X1/PS4ers said "tough" regarding our games which are exclusive to our gen but that you'd like on your systems?
  7. I cannot wait for more news!!! Seriously hyped.
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