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  1. Thanks Operator! So I finally figured out the trick. FOR ANYONE having trouble getting K&N to APPEAR or the JOURNEYMAN ACHIEVEMENT, I figured out this: Simply place first in every single race (except the special Cup Races, but try to be up there in the top 5) in the 3 GT2 tournaments. You can qualify in any position, but you have to place first in every race and thus win the championship. Try to also meet all 6 Sponser objectives as many times as you can. If one of them is to finish a race with no collisions, use one of your backspace rewinds to prevent the collision with another driver, e
  2. Thanks for your assessment Operator. Could  you do me a favor and check your 3 GT2 Endurance Cups and let me know which Team Offers you have? That is of course if you haven't deleted the game haha ;) I expect you to have Ravenwest, but I'm curious as to whom your other 2 offers are from. 
  3. I always seem to have a max of 3-4 (Including Ravenwest) teams per event. For example, I am stuck between choosing Forge, K&N, and Ravenwest for each of the 3 GT2 Endurance cups. I've played as K&N twice in the hopes that Forge would disappear for Team Kicker or Monster Energy Racing, but Forge keeps coming back with offers.  Intel, Razer, and Oakley were some of the low tier teams and they no longer show up as a playable team.  I was offered a contract from Monster Energy Racing (High vehicle setup with 3 bonus parts installed), but they seem to have disappeared after I e
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