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  1. I am very much real :p I was just exploring some old stuff in my laptop last night and came across a lot of memories, OT being one of them. So glad to see that some of the members from the time I left this place are still here. I actually found my scripts for the OT awards shows and as expected, it literally took me back in time :) I had a great couple of years here and now when I look back at the past, dear me I was one annoying # that everyone had to deal with :D I see that Luke, Mikey, Hughesey(I guess) and f1since08(looks like you have been promoted mate, congo buddy :) ) are still here...
  2. Hey everyone, how ya all doing? :) Incredibly glad to see some of the old members still hanging out here :) Can't remember when was the last time I visited this place.
  3. Hey mex :D :D :D it's been a long time mate, how you been ?
  4. Yup, it's the same girl Fez and a very long story. That's not my car, that's dad's :p and it's a hyundai eon. As for bike, believe me, if you can ride in the streets of kolkata, you can literally ride anywhere on the planet lol. Been riding dad's scooty for 7 months, had an accident and am lucky to still have my legs and another time almost had my rear flown by an oncoming bus at over 70 kmph :p Actually, I was rehabing for 4 months under my friends and family supervision, extending my final sem project, learning more about java and web programming, touring on my scooty and trying to love mys
  5. I'm sure you probably will ;) Sorry to hear about your grandfathers though, both mine have passed too and it's sad knowing they aren't there any more. But I can't wait to hear about your breakup, that'll be an interesting story! Each time I watch Deadpool and Dopinder comes on screen he reminds me of you :p Beakup's the past mate, I have left it behind for good :) perhaps I can send you a message on facebook if that's good enough :) The pay package for my job is incredibly good by Indian standards, 2 months training, another 4 months probation. In between I will buy a motor bike and am
  6. Man it feels so awesome to see you guys here after all these years :D I see my old buddy Fez still hasn't changed a shade :p How are ya all? Obviously I have been very  very busy for these two years, college and project work dried me up completely. On top of that, I will become corporate Rohan from next week :D I have a job as a software engineer, I got it from my college placements mid last year, first company and first placed student :D It's been two crazy years guys, from the worst of breakups to the untimely death of my grandfathers, dad suffering a heart attack(he is fine though), gr
  7. Hey everyone  :# How ya all doin' ? (since when did a body character limit come into effect??? )
  8. Wishing everyone here at the OT crowd and it's managers a prosperous and happy new year :) Now let the resolutions begin(although none if any will be realized :p ) !!!
  9. Fez- The next award should probably be going to me but only for the sake of formality, FUNNIEST MEMBER AWARD!!! If I win this one which I will, I will be giving away free copies of Ron’s nude clips :p :p Mex- Only a half butted witch would have them Fez. Fez- So true lol. And the winner is…………………. *123 steps up* 123- It’s meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT!!!!! *123 kicks Fez out of stage to a huge roar* Thank you everyone, love you all, smooooooooooooooooooooch Matt A- Ha gay! 123- And time for round 2 of my own awards show. *half the crowd already
  10. OT AWARDS 2014  Welcome to the third annual OT awards show. Thank you all for joining us tonight. Once again, this is that time of the year when we give away some ‘awards’ to the most prominent members in this small family of ours’, a family that has lived through a couple of natural calamities and at least 4 years. Hopefully, this family will stick around for years to come. Your host will be, as usual Ron who hosted last year and also wrote the script for the inaugural show. He will be joined by an unnamed co-host later on. Special guests for the night are former community man
  11. You get a disagree YOU GET A DISAGREE YOU GET A DISAGREE EVERYONE GETS A DISAGREE (sorry couldn't make an appropriate meme)
  12. in one of these days I swear I am gonna fly to Australia and eat you alive Starting from which part of his body? my favorite part of course ;) 
  13. nope, it's in our religion. Just search durga puja on google and you will understand :) in one of these days I swear I am gonna fly to Australia and eat you alive
  14. meanwhile my gf gets 500 happy birthday wishes and I get a mere 50 -_-
  15. It will be late guys, sorry. You see, it's festive time over here, for just 5 days, we get the joy ride of our lives and the past 48 hours have been extremely hectic and so will the next 48 hours. Plus, yesterday I got drunk :p 80% of the 'show' is done, just needs some polishing and then I will post :) 
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