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  1. rob55

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    'this update and addition is now moving into early-December.'.... It's the 21 st of december today, and still NO patch for Dirt 5 XBox One...
  2. rob55

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    If Codemaster doesn't have the decency to keep us posted on this socalled 'official Codemasters' forum, we have to find the truth ourselves; i found this post (December 2nd) on the Steam forums today: ChrisGroves18 (Codemasters) Today at 7:46 AM The latest (and first post-launch) DIRT 5 Rear View update is here, reviewing the last month of game news and community highlights! Included in here is a message concerning the next game update: After setting a tentative date for the end of November, this update and addition is now moving into early-December, as we make absolutely sure that everything is good to go and your experience in the game is further improved. Apologies for the very small delay - it'll be worth it! " In other words: we all can wait, wait, wait again. The support for this game is just too ridiculous for words...
  3. rob55

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    Yes I noticed that too: The amount of spam threads in this board is ridiculous and shows the non-professional attitude of Codemasters towards their customers. After all this, I can't believe to have spend money on Dirt 5; in the past I never really had any doubts about buying a Dirt title; from now on it will be different...
  4. rob55

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    November is over. Where is the Wheel Support Patch that was promised? Not a word from Codemasters in this topic = bad customer service. I fully agree with DeadlyHumster, I quote: 'It should be in the game from start. i don't care about patches, current state of the market, consoles etc. if game is not ready dont release it, as many devs do. god bless refund system. '
  5. rob55

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    I agree with you that this game is a fraud. But unfortunately I cannot claim a refund because I have a physical copy of the game which I cannot return. I bought this Dirt title in good faith and since it was from Codemasters I never thought that something like steering wheel support could be missing from Dirt 5 ... If I had known everything in advance I would NEVER have bought this game. I am very disappointed in Codemasters and Dirt 5. My confidence in Codemasters has therefore become very low, which will have an effect on further purchases in the near future. Codemasters cannot deal with customers like this and must communicate more clearly about what a product does or doesn't have before selling it to the public.
  6. Hello friend, you're a little behind; but I'm sad to tell you; There is NO steering wheel support for Dirt 5. Codemasters has promised a wheel support patch for all platforms for the end of november (yes, this year :) ) but we are still waiting. So don't worry, you don't have a problem but Codemasters has....
  7. rob55

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    It's november 25th, just 5 days before this month is coming to an end and STILL NO WHEEL SUPPORT PATCH FORT DIRT 5... A lot of wheel owners are waiting Codemasters...
  8. rob55

    dirt5 et volant

    My Fanatec CSW 2.5 is also not working (XBOX ONE X). This is the FIRST Dirt title that doesn't have wheel support from release; very disappointed by Codemasters too....
  9. rob55

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    I purchased Dirt 5 on release for the XBox One in good faith. Just to find out, there seems to be NO WHEELSUPPORT and that my Fanatec CSW 2.5 is 'worthless' in this game. To say the least: this is very disappointing and I'm certainly not amused. Especially because this is coming from Codemasters: They simply KNOW that race games needs to support FF wheels, it's 2020 and they didn't... And looking at this forum-post, the worst thing is that Codemasters is staying very quiet on the subject. This is very customer unfriendly in my books. Till now, I haven't driven '1 meter' in Dirt 5, because I refuse to play 'driving' games with a controller in my hands. This must be one of the most stupid decisions ever made by Codemasters to release a new race game without wheel support. So please Codemasters, get your act together and release that wheel patch for all consoles and PC NOW (!) and bring this Dirt title back from the Middle Ages to the year 2020...
  10. This bug is STILL NOT RESOLVED; People who use motion simulators or SimVibe are hoping the Codemasters developers to fix this little issue; I love the Dirt series or/and other Codemaster racing titles, but without good telemetry data I won't purchase/play anymore...