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  1. rob55

    dirt5 et volant

    My Fanatec CSW 2.5 is also not working (XBOX ONE X). This is the FIRST Dirt title that doesn't have wheel support from release; very disappointed by Codemasters too....
  2. rob55

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    I purchased Dirt 5 on release for the XBox One in good faith. Just to find out, there seems to be NO WHEELSUPPORT and that my Fanatec CSW 2.5 is 'worthless' in this game. To say the least: this is very disappointing and I'm certainly not amused. Especially because this is coming from Codemasters: They simply KNOW that race games needs to support FF wheels, it's 2020 and they didn't... And looking at this forum-post, the worst thing is that Codemasters is staying very quiet on the subject. This is very customer unfriendly in my books. Till now, I haven't driven '1 meter' in Dirt 5, because I refuse to play 'driving' games with a controller in my hands. This must be one of the most stupid decisions ever made by Codemasters to release a new race game without wheel support. So please Codemasters, get your act together and release that wheel patch for all consoles and PC NOW (!) and bring this Dirt title back from the Middle Ages to the year 2020...
  3. This bug is STILL NOT RESOLVED; People who use motion simulators or SimVibe are hoping the Codemasters developers to fix this little issue; I love the Dirt series or/and other Codemaster racing titles, but without good telemetry data I won't purchase/play anymore...