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  1. DarkRedslayer

    Until Force Feedback shifters are a thing

    That's fine to say, but I don't play this game 24/7 so I haven't learned even 1/4 of the courses enough to be able to anticipate 3-4 corners ahead, these aren't road courses with 16 corners I hit 30 times in a race lol. I have to rely on stage notes from the co-driver, until I've learned a stage enough to remember when stage notes are lacking information or flat out wrong. And without playing this game as if it was a job, that's not going to happen with most stages for a long time. This may have come off poorly, its because people who act like I should just master every stage always come off as if they think I should play only one game, and that's always irritated me. I am not that kind of person, I play 3-5 different games in any given week usually. (This week is Total War : Warhammer 2 (most played) Dirt Rally 2.0, Halo master chief collection and NASCAR heat 4, all while working a 40hr work week. so those games are broke up into short hours of play. Either way, even if I completely master this game, my original post stands, until force feedback shifters are a thing, then you should only have to press the clutch to correct a miss shift.
  2. DarkRedslayer

    What happens with Rally Sweden?

    What exactly is your issue with Sweden? I'm trying to remember what was different was that the edges of the track made it not fun in DR1 because it would always spin you if you so much as looked at it lol.
  3. I want them to stop running courses 30 times, and then using the data to find the most annoying place to put logs and rocks.
  4. DarkRedslayer

    Until Force Feedback shifters are a thing

    I mostly just try to gear skip when going from a 6 left to a hairpin right for example, because the cars always get too unstable. I haven't raced much in cars with a clutch since screwing my pedals down though, but it made a huge difference in the few attempts I did after, and has even made a difference in sequential cars. I never realized how much that little bit of lift was messing me up in DR2.0.
  5. DarkRedslayer

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    The whole AI stupidly fast in rain thing is why I no longer use weather in any of my custom championships. I go along unable to see anything and they smoke me with ease lol. It's just not enjoyable.
  6. DarkRedslayer

    Until Force Feedback shifters are a thing

    Also I just noticed my entire pedal base was lifting up when I was braking and using the clutch at the same time, not by much, but it was just enough to mess with my braking and my clutch timing. I have now screwed them to the floor lol.
  7. DarkRedslayer

    Ability to edit stage notes

    Annbank station and Annbank reverse in the new DLC has a couple really good examples of why this is needed. "6 right into 2 right" and a "6 left/right (depending on which direction you're going) into haripin left/right" are the dumbest calls in the entire game, because if you haven't already learned the course, you'll be coming off high speed sections hearing "6" whatever, and not be set for a sudden slow corner and end up in the trees because in all 3 cases, the "6" is only like 5-10m long, just long enough to obscure your vision, and not let you realize the call is trash until you're already way too fast entering an actual 2 or hairpin corner.
  8. DarkRedslayer

    Until Force Feedback shifters are a thing

    Old habits die hard lol. I've been trying to get into the habit of skipping gears on downshifts for this game, but my mind always starts thinking too much about which gear to go to and I crash lol
  9. DarkRedslayer

    invisible obstructions.

    **** quality but this **** made me almost rage quit hard when I hit those logs, I was going to win this stage til that happened.
  10. DarkRedslayer

    How do I avoid sliding under braking?

    Also, consider leaving it in a higher gear than you are, like if you are in 2nd, leave it in 3rd a little longer under braking, that will reduce the amount of engine braking, which will especially help with RWD cars spinning under braking.
  11. DarkRedslayer

    Until Force Feedback shifters are a thing

    Fanatec gear, I have the v1.5, which also has a tension screw. I was annoyed when I posted this so I wasn't thinking about what gear I was using lol 😛 But I'll definitely try that, I rarely miss a shift, but when I do its always at the most inopportune time, and usually while down shifting multiple gears quickly... And for some reason its always the last gear I miss lmao.
  12. DarkRedslayer

    Until Force Feedback shifters are a thing

    Happy about this though lol. No idea how many people have actually set times, but its nice to feel like I'm improving even when the game is making me rage >.>
  13. Missed shifts need to be corrected by only pressing the clutch. Not having to clutch and reshift the gear. In real life if you miss a gear it doesn't go into position, so you simply clutch again, and push it in, having to shift out of gear and back in again is a **** tier way of doing it and I don't know why so many games do it that way. Its the main reason I usually just run sequential even though I have more fun with H-pattern. Ironically the only game that handles this correctly is a simcade, Forza.
  14. DarkRedslayer

    Wipers issue

    Thanks, I never used manual wipers in this game lol, so I never had to worry about turning them off, I'm just glad I had a button mapped to my wheel already for it. Auto wipers don't seem to work at all anymore, I ran a different rally and they didn't work there either. Checked options menu, its still set to "ON"
  15. DarkRedslayer

    Wipers issue

    Ok, I'll try that next time. Any ideas on why auto wipe isn't working? I restarted the stage twice and it didn't work either 3 times I went through there, I've run this stage a bunch of time before without issue.