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  1. Two moronic posts back to back lol. I'd be impressed if this wasn't the internet.
  2. This is also true, as I use medium TCS simply to eliminate random snap oversteer (snap over steering makes me rage lol) but still drive as if I don't have TCS most of the time, and as a result I don't really lose any time on most tracks, if anything I'm actually faster, purely because I can focus on driving rather than worrying about the car randomly spinning because I went 1% too far on the throttle.
  3. I'd like to give this a bump because it still happens and its still annoying.
  4. In straight wet I'm fine and have no issues VS AI. Its the transition from dry to wet where they don't seem to be properly affected.
  5. It's been a long time since I played 2020, so maybe I just forgot, but I don't remember it being this bad. I think it was 2012 that I once gained like 6 spots because of the AI crashing on the final lap because of rain lol.
  6. When going from dry to wet, the AI doesn't seem to lose as much grip as the player, and its by a fair margin. The second to last corner on Budapest (the last hairpin) I was understeering even at very low speeds, and the AI past me like I was sitting still, for example. I can't match their pace even with TCS on medium coming out of corners either. Though that may have been exasperated by my frustration at being passed around every corner because I couldn't go the same speed as the AI. This was with my downforce at 11-10 as I knew it was going to rain. My friend seems to have t
  7. Its probably because they can brake mid corner and not lock up.
  8. I on the other hand am 7 races in and have had zero mechanical failures. I was actually wondering if that option even did anything lol. Maybe I should put them on low so I can experience a mechanical failure lmao. I wonder how the game determines when to have a failure 🤔
  9. I have a easy fix for you, disable them and carry on. That's what difficulty options are for. F1 2021 has rewinds and I don't have to use rewinds to "have any chance at all". And while I could start the stage over repeatedly, I unfortunately have a life outside of gaming, and also play other games, so I do not have infinite time to waste on restarting a stage, for one corner with a inaccurate callout, or because my dog came in and distracted me and caused me too hit a tree. As for that absurd last bit, if you are too weak willed to turn off rewinds if they are o
  10. I'm just going to rewind and avoid the penalty anyway 🤷‍♂️ I am not going to take a penalty because I run wide on a track I don't know all that well. So just let me turn them off, because I'm not going to get them anyway, just waste some time rewinding.
  11. With the option to limit or disable them if you choose like the F1 games. Stop listening to people who have no self control so don't want anyone to be able to play more casually with proper physics (I.E. don't suggest dirt 5) because they wouldn't be able to resist using them. There is no reason for them to not be in single player modes, and it would help with bad call outs (4 right that is blatantly a 2 or 3 right) and weird glitches like the occasional invisible object (thankfully a lot less these days than early on). At the very least, at least add the ability to alter callouts for cor
  12. Any setup changes I can do to make them less rage inducing? lol
  13. And thats been my argument for having flashbacks in Dirt Rally lol. But most of that fanbase is weak minded fools who say they can't not use them if they are available so no one should have them lol.
  14. I always kept my delta times down on the bottom left and position indicator on the top left, but I can't move them vertically without moving both together? No other elements seem stuck together like this, bug? Intentional?
  15. My Season 3 car. Black and red are the main colors with yellow accents for the renault engine supplier. I change schemes each season. But try to pic one similar basically.
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