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  1. DarkRedslayer

    Cataluntya AI (My team mode)

    Well, I had a full wet race at Monaco, and ended 12th, so I think Spain may just be poorly balanced or something. I really don't want to have to continuously change the difficulty lol, so I guess what I may have to do if I still run **** at Spain next season, is actually break down, and try to make a setup for just that track, rather than mess with the difficulty level. But if that doesn't work, then I guess I'll have little choice but to alter the difficulty or DNF every time lol.
  2. DarkRedslayer

    Cataluntya AI (My team mode)

    I never noticed it this bad. I know some tracks I've struggled at more than others, but generally I'd be within 5 spots. I was more than 10 positions down over the previous race lol. At a track I know well at that lol. Never played 2019, so idk about that one. Last one I played was 2018.
  3. DarkRedslayer

    Cataluntya AI (My team mode)

    So, I have been slowly tweaking up the AI difficulty as I try to find a good balance (something I can run default setups on and still run where I feel I should be) I had it too low for Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam (kept going up by 5 after each race) China I thought I had it close and left it for Zandvoort as I've never raced on that track before in any game, but wound up running too well there too lol. Still, decided not to change it and see how Catalunya went, and I got utterly smoked lol. Went from Ql around 14th-18th and finishing 10th/9th/9th to QL 22 and running 20th and falling back to the AI in 19th lol I eventually just pulled off into the pits and retired, no point in wasting engine wear for a 20th place run lol. I was trying to find a difficulty where I run around 13th-17th range, so I was about to up it again and see how that felt, but now that I got smoked at Catalunya lol... Is the AI overly fast there? Or are the early tracks all slow lol?
  4. DarkRedslayer

    Finally got around to finishing my season before F1 2020

    Been playing 2020 all evening, and while I've noticed a few little bugs, the my team mode is pretty in depth from what I can tell, quite impressed with the jump from 2018 to this. The graphics look better but the game also runs smoother which is odd lol. Fiddling about trying to find a good difficulty to run. I feel a lot slower on 2020 (even in time trial), cars seem to have a lot more grip overall, but really under-steery at low speeds. Also, I hate push to pass ERS control, I prefer 2018's setup.
  5. DarkRedslayer

    Finally got around to finishing my season before F1 2020

    Usually 50% but I did actually reduce to 25% length for the last 5 races, as I was running out of time (getting the Schumacher edition so I'll be playing soon lol) 25% races are a lot less tiring lol, but do actually add to the challenge a bit, because you have no time to make up for mistakes. The last race was glorious, we battled for the lead for basically the entire race, My car was so much slower that I wasn't able to keep vettel cleared on the long straights, but I finally got him by getting a better in/out on my pits and over took him as he was exiting the pits, from there I drove with every ounce of talent I had to keep him behind lol. Finished just .3 seconds ahead. Most fun I've had losing a championship in a long time lol. This is what the points looked like coming out of Spa and then Brazil, Vettel was making the charge with me lol.
  6. DarkRedslayer

    Finally got around to finishing my season before F1 2020

    No its not, I didn't start doing well until the second half of the season. I was like 8th or so in points at the half way point and just did a hard charge, winning a few races off strategy alone, and then driving about at my limit for the last race to pull out the win. I usually set the difficulty where I can just have fun, make some mistakes and not be completely screwed so I don't have to spend a bunch of time practicing and can just run default setups. (Few years ago I got heavy into league racing and burned myself out, and quit racing for over a year, so I try not to get too serious these days). So if I genuinely /try/ I can win lol. So, knowing I wasn't going to be continuing my 2018 career since I had decided to get 2020, I went as hard as I could in an attempt to win the championship, still running default setups, but just actually trying my hardest lol. It showed too, because I had 2 wins and one 1 podium in the first 12 races, both wins off strategy with weather involved lol. And 7 wins in the last 9 lmao. Singapore is what lost me the championship, I got caught out in pit strategy and ended up 13th, the only race I didn't finish on the podium in the final 9 races.
  7. On 2018, and this was the result
  8. DarkRedslayer

    Preordered F1 2020 on Steam BUT...

    Couldn't you just refund it and repurchase? I've never actually preordered a digital game, so I don't even know how it works lol.
  9. DarkRedslayer

    F1 2019 - F1 2020 Improvements

    Why would they target a hardcore sim crowd, when that simply isn't their main base? Its not a good idea to change a games balance deep into a series. And no, if you play in pod cam, you are not really 'sim crowd' when looking at analytics. Personally, I wish they could find a proper balance of career mode + sim, but if the dirt series is anything to go on, we'd end up with a great career mode and **** physics in one game, and great physics and **** career mode in the other. Unfortunately, I'm in that "want realistic handling AND Career mode" bracket that isn't covered lol. Dirt Rally's main issue is for some reason the fanbase for that game thinks that more difficult automatically means more realistic, and anything that reduces frustration they are against. So they seem to try and make the game more annoying with every release, but the 'mainline' dirt games have **** physics so eventually, I'll just have nothing to play lmao.
  10. DarkRedslayer

    F1 2019 - F1 2020 Improvements

    All the big youtubers for this game play in pod cam, I wouldn't get your hopes up on codemasters F1 going the full sim route any time ever.
  11. DarkRedslayer

    Is there an option that affects tire punctures

    Hmm, well I'll give that a shot when I reach the next location since I don't think it'll let me change mid rally. Anything to stop these overly sensitive tires.
  12. In custom championship? Here recently if I breathe a little too hard I get a puncture, I never had this issue before so I'm guessing it was changed in one of the last patches, I know most of this games community is masochist and probably love this, but I don't and it's getting really annoying now. So basically is there some setting I can return my tires back to rally tires instead of paper?
  13. DarkRedslayer

    Any word on co-op in 2020?

    Yeah I pretty much knew it wouldn't be, a shame, because that would be awesome, to build a team up from the ground with a friend. I suppose I can just buy it, and if there is no viable way to race a season with my friend, Alt- F4, uninstall, refund, back to 2018 lol.
  14. DarkRedslayer

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    Anyone who tells someone to "just practice and get better" doesn't deserve anything more than a childish comment, takes someone with a childish mindset to even tell someone that without even knowing their living situation. And some people simply won't get better beyond a certain point. If everyone could just practice and get better infinitely, there would be no reason for top drivers/sports players to get paid a lot lol. And just because someone isn't great at a game, doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to enjoy it. I've set top 100 times on some stages, and top 1000 on most in R5 class, so this isn't bias speaking, I just genuinely don't like people who tell others to "just get better" and I think they are some of the worst members of the sim racing community.
  15. DarkRedslayer

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    The lack of difficulty control is why I don't play the career mode at all, and just run custom championships. Really disappointing because I love playing career modes, but I like to find a difficulty I can play on and just have fun, and stick with that, and that just isn't possible with DR 2.0 The whole "just practice and get better!" is fine for people who only play one game, or have no life lol, but it doesn't work for me, I'll play the hell out of a game for a few weeks and then not touch it again for 6 months, and then come back and play it again. This isn't viable with Dirts career mode, because on return I'll just get destroyed if I don't waste a bunch of time trying to get back where I was in free play before continuing... By which point I move on to something else anyway lmao. Its a terrible way to set up a career mode. A shame too, because other than that, this is one of the best rally games ever made imo, which is probably why even without a proper career mode, I've still managed to put a lot of time into it playing alone lol.