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  1. That's really incredibly stupid imo. The "online" and "Career mode" people are basically different demographics, with only a small % of people wanting to do both. Ruining people's career mode, for online is just as dumb as limiting online for Career mode. The two do not belong tied together. Game just turned into a wait for sale for me unfortunately, because I'm a career mode guy and have 0 interest in racing online on this game. And no, custom championships are in no way a replacement for career mode. If the F1 games had no difficulty slider, and I was relegated to only custom championship mode, I wouldn't even buy those games lol. Only reason I'll still buy this game at all, is because I love Rally. Maybe I'll wait for VR support.
  2. Its dumb, because if you don't play the game all the time, when you come back you're just screwed. It's the main reason I eventually lost interest in Dirt Rally. I couldn't come back and continue where I'd left off, because I'd just be blatantly out matched at that point, and couldn't adjust options to fix it. And it just wasn't fun because I am not a masochist who wants to get dominated every race, because I play other games lol. TLDR it's a really stupid way to set up a game. Dominating with ease is not fun, and getting dominated is not fun.
  3. Oh no, they did that stupid **** where you can't choose your difficulty again? :/ I hope someone finds a way to mod that.
  4. DarkRedslayer

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Supported Peripherals List

    What does the (AO) mean lol
  5. DarkRedslayer

    Time trial VR mode

    I wish they'd add VR to the PC version. Honestly, I probably will stop at 2018 and not get 2019 if there is no VR support. And I wouldn't even be mad if they sold VR support as DLC lol. Like 5-10 bucks or something, just to help with costs. (Though I know that would upset some people, its better than no VR at all).