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  1. DarkRedslayer

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    I will be harsh with any clown that comes in here and just acts like all the clowns in this thread "Oh hurr durr its not needed because I don't need it" and "Hurpidy derp I'm an ass clown you should just fix your driving" Cancerous community, and then have the audacity to say I am being harsh lol. I don't have a lot of time to play, I can't sit here for hours on end practicing, so I am not going to eat a 5 second penalty and have the one race I get the chance to run during the week ruined. As for the cockpit cam, I don't need other views so why should they be in the game, that's the general theme of the responses, that I should play the game how others think I should, so therefore others should play the game how I think they should. So cockpit cam only and no controller support, because I don't need it, or want it, no one else should either. I can turn the penalties off in online leagues so it makes no sense to not be able to turn them off when it would literally effect no one but myself. Especially since I want to change it so I can actually do things that are WITHIN THE DAMN RULES OF REAL F1. In this game Albon would have received a penalty for this :
  2. DarkRedslayer

    Utterly Broken Career Mode

    Your argument was that this is a common occurrence in real life. I didn't bother reading past that, because its irrelevant because this is a video game.
  3. DarkRedslayer


    My Season 3 car. Black and red are the main colors with yellow accents for the renault engine supplier. I change schemes each season. But try to pic one similar basically.
  4. DarkRedslayer

    Utterly Broken Career Mode

    I really hate these arguments. I hope you at least play in cockpit view, otherwise thats mighty hypocritical to compare his complaint to real life F1 standards, since in real life cockpit view is the only view drivers have.
  5. DarkRedslayer

    Is there a way to turn off auto saves?

    Just had the game crash at the end of a race at France, a track I really and truly don't like, but it auto saved at the start of the race, so I can't go back and simulate the race, and I can't alter the race distance, so I have to either DNF or run the entire 50% race again and hope it doesn't crash again. If this had happened at Monza or Spa, I might not be so annoyed but France is one of my least favorite tracks. If I could just manually save, this wouldn't even be an issue, I'd just be mildly annoyed at my finish being robbed and sim and carry on.
  6. DarkRedslayer

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    Because rewinding is a waste of time and takes my focus away? I don't care if /you/ think its necessary, as I am not you. I don't know where you're doing that, because it gives me warnings/penalties when following the real F1 rules, where I still have inside tires on the line or curbs. Its really annoying on france, a track I hate anyway. Also, if we have to have penalties on, I think we should have to play in cockpit cam, I don't know why you'd need any other view after all.
  7. I don't even want to cut corners, but if I slip up and go wide, or just missjudge an entry on a chicane, I don't feel like having to rewind. I can penalize myself by slowing down a bit and carrying on. And no, I'm not a masochist so no I won't accept the penalty.
  8. DarkRedslayer

    Ditch Hanoi bring back hockenheimring

    I hate singapore. I get so bored driving it, I can only do about 4 laps before I just don't feel like playing the game anymore.
  9. DarkRedslayer

    Question about Career mode!

    Well, technically he could, and then just change modes lol. But that would only work if he isn't bothered by stats not carrying between the two modes.
  10. DarkRedslayer

    Replacing ICE issue.

    Renault did such a good job handing me upgrades, I decided to stick with them for season 2 and even added some yellow accents to my paint scheme, making them my official engine supplier lol.
  11. DarkRedslayer

    Career Practice Programs

    Track acclimation becomes much easier as your car improves, because your grip improves so you can brake later, and get on the throttle sooner.
  12. DarkRedslayer


    I'm the opposite, If I qualify 20th I'll often still finish in the top 10 lol Also, I won mexico in my first season, when most of my other finished were between 8th and 15th lol. So not sure if I am just exceptionally fast there compared to other tracks or if the AI under performs. It was not an easy win, but still lol.
  13. Trying to just get to the menu and instead being sent into photo mode because I was in a rewind, is one of the most annoying UI things about this entire game.
  14. DarkRedslayer

    Practice programs time/level issues

    I've been running into this with qually practice program. Says my target is 19th, and I can't do it, by half track I'm a half second down on the target. Then I qualify for the race, and qualify 8th .... Like what in the actual **** lol.
  15. DarkRedslayer

    Cataluntya AI (My team mode)

    Anyway ... Lower your downforce. After further testing, I'm almost certain that was my main issue. Between being down on power being in a low tier team and too high downforce, I lost way too much time on the straights.