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  1. I'm just going to rewind and avoid the penalty anyway 🤷‍♂️ I am not going to take a penalty because I run wide on a track I don't know all that well. So just let me turn them off, because I'm not going to get them anyway, just waste some time rewinding.
  2. With the option to limit or disable them if you choose like the F1 games. Stop listening to people who have no self control so don't want anyone to be able to play more casually with proper physics (I.E. don't suggest dirt 5) because they wouldn't be able to resist using them. There is no reason for them to not be in single player modes, and it would help with bad call outs (4 right that is blatantly a 2 or 3 right) and weird glitches like the occasional invisible object (thankfully a lot less these days than early on). At the very least, at least add the ability to alter callouts for cor
  3. Any setup changes I can do to make them less rage inducing? lol
  4. And thats been my argument for having flashbacks in Dirt Rally lol. But most of that fanbase is weak minded fools who say they can't not use them if they are available so no one should have them lol.
  5. I always kept my delta times down on the bottom left and position indicator on the top left, but I can't move them vertically without moving both together? No other elements seem stuck together like this, bug? Intentional?
  6. I will be harsh with any clown that comes in here and just acts like all the clowns in this thread "Oh hurr durr its not needed because I don't need it" and "Hurpidy derp I'm an ass clown you should just fix your driving" Cancerous community, and then have the audacity to say I am being harsh lol. I don't have a lot of time to play, I can't sit here for hours on end practicing, so I am not going to eat a 5 second penalty and have the one race I get the chance to run during the week ruined. As for the cockpit cam, I don't need other views so why should they be in the game, that's the
  7. Your argument was that this is a common occurrence in real life. I didn't bother reading past that, because its irrelevant because this is a video game.
  8. My Season 3 car. Black and red are the main colors with yellow accents for the renault engine supplier. I change schemes each season. But try to pic one similar basically.
  9. I really hate these arguments. I hope you at least play in cockpit view, otherwise thats mighty hypocritical to compare his complaint to real life F1 standards, since in real life cockpit view is the only view drivers have.
  10. Just had the game crash at the end of a race at France, a track I really and truly don't like, but it auto saved at the start of the race, so I can't go back and simulate the race, and I can't alter the race distance, so I have to either DNF or run the entire 50% race again and hope it doesn't crash again. If this had happened at Monza or Spa, I might not be so annoyed but France is one of my least favorite tracks. If I could just manually save, this wouldn't even be an issue, I'd just be mildly annoyed at my finish being robbed and sim and carry on.
  11. Because rewinding is a waste of time and takes my focus away? I don't care if /you/ think its necessary, as I am not you. I don't know where you're doing that, because it gives me warnings/penalties when following the real F1 rules, where I still have inside tires on the line or curbs. Its really annoying on france, a track I hate anyway. Also, if we have to have penalties on, I think we should have to play in cockpit cam, I don't know why you'd need any other view after all.
  12. I don't even want to cut corners, but if I slip up and go wide, or just missjudge an entry on a chicane, I don't feel like having to rewind. I can penalize myself by slowing down a bit and carrying on. And no, I'm not a masochist so no I won't accept the penalty.
  13. I don't think they add trees or signs in real life to make leaving the track more dangerous lol. If in /real life/ that part of the track is unsafe then fine. Otherwise leave it alone, as is, there are many sections that I'm almost certain have added **** that wouldn't be there in real life just to please the weird part of the community that thinks More difficult = more realistic. Its enough already, stop trying to make it get to the point where only the ultra hardcore that play ONLY Dirt rally and literally nothing else can enjoy the game. On the note of realism, If I had it my way,
  14. I don't know specifically where you're talking about, but if you've ever watched real rally, you'd know they don't always follow the track, and they most certainly don't always go flying into the air every time they leave it. Don't ruin the game for the sake of leaderboards that will always have cheaters some how anyway.
  15. My best run here so far 🙂 pretty happy overall even though I nearly blew it, one of my highest spots on leaderboards, and still using default setup because I don't feel like messing with setups at all lol
  16. I agree with most, except for this. They already place things purely for the sake of difficulty on the side of tracks, and some already launch you into the air for dipping even half a tire off. Its annoying enough as is, no need to make it any worse. Difficult =/= always mean more realistic. Though, I'd be willing to compromise if they add an assist option that softens the edge of the track or something, so people who want the most annoying experience possible can have it, while the rest of us just try to have some fun.
  17. Been using this app for a few years now, I used to use 3 different apps for different games, this one covers them all now lol.
  18. I want them to stop running courses 30 times, and then using the data to find the most annoying place to put logs and rocks.
  19. The whole AI stupidly fast in rain thing is why I no longer use weather in any of my custom championships. I go along unable to see anything and they smoke me with ease lol. It's just not enjoyable.
  20. Yes, I had gotten quite good at that in NASCAR games. I used less fuel than anyone I raced, while still running lap times on par or better lol. The pit strategy aspect is even greater in nascar games. And imo, not enough games go sim enough these days. Pit stops can make a game far more interesting.
  21. You'd be wrong. Me and two of my friends started with with 2012 when none of us had ever watched a full F1 race lol. F1 is a difficult sport to watch in the US, due to almost all the races being at some unreasonable time of night. My one friend hasn't even watched highlights before, has no interest in F1, but still played lol Nowadays, I don't really watch racing anymore, as NASCAR has gone to **** and F1 is boring most of the time, with clear winners at the beginning of the season. But even though I have officially quit watching NASCAR, I desperately want a good NASCAR game, and although I h
  22. I just don't get why they need fan funding again already.
  23. There does seem to be a very elitist tone among the fanboys and the devs. Seen people asking for rewind, and getting eaten alive by the elitist swine on the board. Honestly, IMO, No racing game should exist in today's world, that has offline play, and not have rewind. Its a great tool for people learning, and to make glitches far less annoying. And with how wonky the physics in Pcars is on some vehicles, a rewind feature would do the game well.
  24. Yea it can certainly be a pain, but there is upsides to it though :p Like if it turns out I do have a problem then I'll be able to take out whatever the problem part is and chuck in one of the spares I have of most components, send it off for replacement under warranty and carry on gaming. With a console if something goes wrong you gotta send the entire thing away and not have anything to game on till it returns ;) Plus with a powerful PC gaming on it is just so much better an experience than console, and there's the fact that PC's are a hell of a lot more versatile than consoles :p 
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