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  1. Thanks anyway guys will have a look at the ones available. Cheers.
  2. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone would have a link to a site that I can get a 2015 mod for my 2013 PC version please? Look forward to hearing from anyone that can help.
  3. e15f

    Impluse Triggers - XB1

    Nice one, thanks mate.
  4. Hi guys, Just reading the excellent Team VVV site and noticed its 900p on XB1, not a problem at all IMO, the controller is much better for driving games and its barely noticeable the drop in res. Yet I wonder are the "impulse triggers" going to be used as per Project Cars? Im hoping so as they are awesome in Forza.
  5. You get better response though mate, twice as much in fact (obviously). Making fine movements at near 200mph, 30fps doesn't cut the mustard and it looks loads better at 60fps, properly smooth. Racing games really need this imo.
  6. Be good if they just dropped it to 900p then by the sounds of it, but I imagine the Sony marketing men wouldn't have that.
  7. Hi guys. Appreciate you getting back to me on this. I guess its fingers crossed then, i played the 2013 version on my laptop at 60fps and dont want to go back to 30, its just no where near as good for a game like this. I was hoping to play my friends on either PS4 or XB1, but if its 30fps then ill have to buy a new PC im thinking. Many thanks.
  8. Hello guys, Please excuse me if this has been confirmed in another post, i cant seem to find it. Are the PS4 & Xbox One running at 60fps please?