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  1. dirtjunkie

    DIRT3 Key from GFWL Resold/Stolen??

    Please feel free to check my Gamertag on XBL: dirt junkie 77. You can easily see that I have been playing the game since the date purchased it and currently have 900 gamerpoints for it. This is the profile of the gamertag my key is now registered to: https://account.xbox.com/en-GB/Profile?GamerTag=TaubeClown18001 A screenshot of my achievement page on XBL: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=fc8a5a74ecb98813!84432&authkey=!AGvKtBbBNHknMDQ&v=3&ithint=photo%2cPNG
  2. dirtjunkie

    DIRT3 Key from GFWL Resold/Stolen??

    I said I was able to download and play the game no problem,  should have stated to my gamertag. The gamertag that XBL support said the key is now registered to has nothing to do with me. Why would XBL support confirm my problem if was a simple case of being registered to another gamertag. I appreciate your reply but unfortunately it's not as simple as you think. With regards to activating the key on Steam, I've already tried, it doesn't work. I've sent am email to support but no response yet.
  3. dirtjunkie

    DIRT3 Key from GFWL Resold/Stolen??

    Screenshots https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=fc8a5a74ecb98813%2184279
  4. With all the attention back on Dirt 3 again I thought I might try and get an old problem resolved that has never been answered, just brushed aside and ignored. On the 29/05/2011 I bought Dirt 3 from GFWL and was able to download and play with no problems. I beat the game and forgot all about it. Sometime later I decided to re-download the game and play again, but GFWL stated that the product code was not valid? Very strange I thought considering that the code was entered for me by GFWL. I copy and pasted the code directly from the GFWL Windows App and again was given the error that the code was not valid. At this point I contacted XBOX Live support (The only point of contact available for GFWL) where I was told that my game key was registered to another gamertag! The helpful guy tried many options and indeed could verify that I had indeed purchased and played the game, but was unable to help any further due to this being a developer/publisher issue. He asked me to provide all the information he had given me, including the gamertag of the user using my game key and promised they would fix this no problem. I then promptly emailed Codemasters technical support where all the information I gave was simply ignored in what was clearly a very generic response. I repeated this email 3 times each quoting the reference number from the first email and each response from Codemasters technical support was the same generic response I received the first time that was not only ignoring the information provided from XBL Support but also my reference number. Considering the all the information, what do you guys think? Was my game key stolen? Resold? or maybe something else? EDIT: I made a mistake with the purchase date, it's actually few days after release, not the actual release date.