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  1. So what would you guys say to Evo getting the WRC license back and making the WRC game we all want with the DR tech? 
  2. I'm just waiting for this thread to get back to the wild theories and enigma code breaking that went on pre-Dirt Rally. <span>:wink:</span>
  3. Does anybody know how to turn off the car indicators on rallycross? I really hate those things
  4. Look you clearly don't like PCARS, which is fine, but come on, PC**P?! Really? You're trying to tell people what they can and can't talk about and then you come out and say that...
  5. Tarmac isn't dirt or mud and won't wash away when it rains heavily. Is it realistic to ask Codemasters to laser scan hundreds of Km's of PUBLIC roads though? Even if they could close them off they have zero experience I doing it...
  6. If you can't get the console demand I'll buy twice if that helps :)
  7. Considering the game is focused on the simulation side of things I don't see why it being PC only is a problem... As for early access, what is wrong with being able to support Codemasters and be able to play the game well in advance of the release? I think people like you seem to overestimate the size of Codemasters due to how long they have been around in the gaming industry. If the console fanbase was so strong they wouldn't have announced the game as PC only, it is as simple as that. The problem is I can't play it :)
  8. Truthfully, is it worth splashing the cash with a laptop hovering around the minimum specs? So wanna play this but not at 10fps... Am willing to run super low settings however :smile: , at least until you come to your senses and let us console peasants have a go :wink: 
  9. I know it's not strictly gossip but GET IN KRIS MEEKE!
  10. Correct me if im wrong, but I thought TVs always emit at 60Hz, so a 30 fps game shows the same frame twice, but as 50 is not a factor of 60, 50fps would appear quite uneven as some frames are shown for longer than others
  11. I remember the Sony Liverpool games having that on the  PS2, and it was indeed pretty cool :)
  12. Sorry but this is stupid answer. German spoken in Germany, Japanese in Japan, so? Four years there was no problem , and suddenly he appeared? German, japanese, and of course spanish, french and english (these last three the most important ones) are the actual important languages. Polish is not Harsh but true...
  13. You say simple business but if Codies makes 3 mediocre games that each sell half as well as one good game, that's still more sales, as well as the fact that 3 games a year is a more steady income source than one lump each year. Not disagreeing with the whole argument just making a different view point :)
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