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  1. What If Codies Are Going For The Quick Hype Tactic?, Release Loads Of Videos, Pictures And More Unknown Information Say 1 Week From Release And Then See The Pre-Orders Jump Up And Short Hype May Work Better For The Player (Less Time To Wait) Just A Thought.
  2. Well If F1 2015 Is Delayed, That's More Time Spent Playing Project Cars.
  3. Just Seen Lee Mather On Twitter Say He Will Be Talking About F1 2015 In The Next Couple Of Weeks, Does He Realise It Is Meant To Be RELEASED In The Next Couple Of Weeks?
  4. Can You Please Stop Writing Like This?... Apologies I'm doing this on my phone. :)
  5. If I'm Right in thinking from what I've read on this post why cant CM upload a Screenshot or video if they are the ones causing the delay not FOM?, Surely You Guys Can Take A Quick Screenshot Or If Needs Be Grab A Pic On A Mobile Phone. I'm Patient When It Comes To Game Information, But This Lack Of Information Is Scary Rather Than Annoying, Its Looking Like A Delay Or No Big Improvement From F1 2014. And If Career Is Fully Gone (Probably To Make Space From Broadcast Mode) Why Have A 1 Season Career In The Game At All?, Surely Career Mode Is All About Progression, Look At
  6. F1 2015 Is One Month Away And No Major News Or Gameplay. Black Ops 3 Is 6 Month Away And Look At The Information Already Released About That Game, Yeah Its A Bigger Game, But Id Rather Have Something To Be Excited About And Have An Urge To Play The Game Rather Than Have A Annual Sport Series Game Delaying/ Hiding/ Lacking In Information/ Gameplay Releases!.
  7. Project C.A.R.S Is Simply Amazing, Yes The A.I Might be a little aggressive at least they try and overtake and they do hold their line even making overtakes on the OUTSIDE!. Also When First Starting Out Career you race at the lower tier circuits like Oulten Park, Snetterton And Brands Hatch, And Racing in the lower formula's with little power and little grip to the Formula A Division With Ridiculous Downforce And Even More Ridiculous Power! The fact that on Career mode I can start in a Formula Rookie/ Ford And Go To Formula Gulf, Formula C (GP3), Formula B (GP2), And Then Formula A (F1)
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