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  1. eduardohrks

    F1 2019 - What is a Featured Event ?

    So, to answer my own question, it´s a race ! Awesome idea from Codemasters to bring this type of event variation ! It seems to be inspired by real life events, this week you have to succeed winning in Bahrain with Leclerc´s Ferrari, that really rings a bell... This game mode made me remember an older F1 game called "F1 World Grand Prix" from Nintendo 64, launched in 1998 it portraided the 1997 F1 season, to this day I had never seen any other game do it something similar, it had a game mode inspired in real life sitiations that happened in the 1997 season, it was called Scenario mode if I recall correctly. In these fun "scenarios" you had to complete a hard task in adverse conditions based on stuff the real F1 drivers actually did at the time, for example, in one Scenario you were Damon Hill driving for Arrows and had to hunt for grip to hold back Villeneuve with his powerfull Willians at the track of Hungaroring, this was a difficult task based on one of the most memorable races of that season. Anyway just wished to share my appreciation when I found what the featured event was, the idea to bring back a game mode relatable with real life events is very nice indeed, thanks ! I thought I would never see something similar again in F1 games.
  2. eduardohrks

    F1 2019 - What is a Featured Event ?

    Hi, thanks for the reply mate. While browsing the forum I actually did found a revealing post about these events, it seems they in fact didn´t start yet, link here: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/40364-f1-2019-level-50-trophyachievement-glitched-sg/#comment-449461
  3. eduardohrks

    F1 2019 - What is a Featured Event ?

    Yeah, I don´t think this it linked with those races. It gotta be something else that we haven´t seen yet. Same on PS4, nobody unlocked yet. I do notice on my superlicense stats it shows up as some kind of a weekly event too, weird thing is I got stats for participating in "Featured event" but nothing on "Grand Prix event" - As far as I know we only had Grand Prix events as of today, including the current one in Hungary; this error on the stats is probably another thing that needs investigation, and of course, everybody wants to know what are the Featured Events. Can someone please take a look at this ? @Faya u there ? Could you please pass this info forward to codies´ F1 team ? Thanks in advance !
  4. eduardohrks

    F1 2019 - What is a Featured Event ?

    Interesting, sounds like this event would not pass by unnoticed. Still very mysterious and it seems nobody knows anything about it.
  5. eduardohrks

    F1 Straight line Speed on controller

    Had this exact same feeling after playing the game for first time, in my case the problem was my PS4 controller.
  6. Title says it all, what are the Featured Events ? I assume such events didn´t start yet, so far the only event available is a Weekly Grand Prix, I hope it´s not related with an exclusive e-sports´ stuff. Is it a limited time event ? How often can we expect to find such events ? Is it multiplayer or single player ? What kind of event is this, is it a race ? A time trial ? Something different ? Thanks in advance !
  7. eduardohrks

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    Hi, @Faya Got the same issue with my PS4 (launch version), this e-mail appeared on the in-game mail box after I completed the qualify for the current weekly event at Silverstone, upon trying to open it the error message shows up everytime.
  8. Hello, I report this bug with the trophy\achievement, upon completing the weekly race and event and then claiming the rewards by opening the mailbox I did not receive the "Weekend Warrior" trophy, in fact it seems noboby has got it so far... likely a bug because the trophy for completing every activity within the weekly event did unlock. This link is from a trophy tracker website and it seems nobody has earned it legitmaly since release on PS4 https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/9250-f1-2019/16-weekend-warrior Please investigate this along with the rest of the bugs involving the requirements for unlocking trophies\achievements. Thanks !