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  1. WaterBuffalo

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    Id very much like to see the following in F1 2015.... 1.The feeder series like Karting,gp3 and gp2.I feel it would give those of us who are not as good at the game a chance to work on our skills(or their lack of) And maybe if not that,we could be the Reserve or R&D driver. 2.When i replace someone on a team i would like to choose my own car number and have MY NAME on the back of the race suit,not who i replaced. 3.Customisable helmets and character 4.Fp1 and Fp2 so that,again,those of us who are not so good at the game get a proper practice on each circuit. 5.Pre and Post qualifying/race interviews which affect our popularity and fan base which in turn would affect weather or not a bigger team would like my services. 6.For the drivers to change teams at the end of the season.And they could maybe even retire after a couple of seasons and the game could bring in replacements 7.For improved AI(They nees to be more attacking and drive less better in the rain) and race engineer(For those of us that have the headsets and whatever else we could talk to the engineer ourselves,he also needs to be more helpful) 8.Better damage and failures for both me and th AI,if i break early and the AI drives into the back of me,both cars should be realistically broke up 9.Commentary(on/off) 10.To be able to see the helmet Visor when in cockpit view And to be able to clean the visor with the push of a button when it gets dirty 11.Paddock roaming(to be able to get out of the car after retiring or entering the pits during practice or qualifying)we could even go to a tv and finish wayching the race or practice or qualifying 12.To be able to controle the car in the pits 13.Improve the penalty system im sick of being penalised for the Ai crashing into me and if im low on fuel at the end ofa race i get a penalty,aswell as that if we controle the car in the pits we could be penalised for driving too fast or whatever I understand that thats alot to ask of Codemasters but theyve really got to pull their socks up if they want to retain my services or hand over the rights to EA and see what happens with them