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  1. Nicko2012

    PS5 crossover

    Does anyone know if we can carry over our ps4 saves in F12020 onto ps5?
  2. Hi, Come across a number of friends and youtubers finding a recommended strategy change only providing the current strat. No change offered and we have to keep it as is, please can this be investigated. Thanks
  3. Nicko2012

    Announcing F1 2015

    Couldn't wait for F12015 but after hearing all about it project cars is calling me. It literally looks and sounds amazing! Looking forward to building a career from go karting :)
  4. Nicko2012

    Announcing F1 2015

    @gentleNameMVB I was thinking the exact same thoughts. It simply is (at present), just a shortcut mode with cuts out assists and views. Which you could do In championship mode I'm guessing? I suppose we cannot 100% confirm if there is any more to this mode until info is provided or when the game is released. I was looking forward to F12015 on next gen as I missed out on F12014 as I only had a ps4, but without career mode (my favourite) and what looks to be a lazy 'fixed setting' pro made I'm not too sure I will invest
  5. Nicko2012

    Announcing F1 2015

    I think the pro mode will be something about being one driver for a number of seasons and develop your car (be it a manor or Ferrari) to the top. This way no license issue and a game mode where you can progress through seasons.