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  1. Just to say i have partially fixed the issue. I copied the file form my main Pc to my PC downstairs with the issues. This has allowed me to boot the game into windowed mode, the game actually boots in this mode and let's me play. However once i full screen the game green screen and the PC crashes and restarts again. What a strange issue.
  2. So just got home, game has been re-downloaded and still does the same error, TV goes fully green and then restarts. I am still 99% sure this is not a hardware issue but a problem with the game as this is the only game that has this issue.
  3. It will take me awhile to do a fresh install of the game, maybe a couple of hours and i'll be out tonight so i will have to report back tomorrow morning or late tonight. Fingers crossed this fixes the issue. I was playing DIRT 2 on my new TV in 4K and just looked utterly amazing but you can't save so this is the reason why i want to play DIRT3, but just my look to have this crippling issue.
  4. I think my issue is the files themselves are just outright broken. There is no text at all just as what i posted above, would it be possible for anyone to send the two files to me to see if that resolves my issue because thats the only reason i can think it is doing this.
  5. These fix's didn't work for me sorry.  The first 3 methods all failed. The video is different to my issue, i can't even move around the menu because my PC restarts when i launch the game.
  6. Hi, i recently downloaded Dirt 3 Complete edition onto my PC. I have a major issue that only happens with the game Dirt 3 on my system. The screen goes fully green, not the border green like i've seen some people reporting i'm not 100% sure what happens there after as the PC then restarts. After looking in my "C:\Users\****\Documents\My Games\DiRT3\hardwaresettings" i looked in both files, Config and Info and both are just blank, it seems it has some text in it but i can't view it but it's just lines, copy and pasted from the documents: "______________________________________________________
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