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  1. robscout

    F1 2015 Game Ideas?

    Formation lap  jump start  Full control in the pit  in practice and in quali you can drive by youself out of the box and press the pitlimiter  and if you come back in the pit you have to press the pitlimiter again and drive in to the pitbox In the race also if have a pitstop you have to press the pitlimiter and drive to your pitcrew and stop on time otherwise they have to puss you back and it Will cost you time and hold the brakes otherwise they won't change the tires  this Will make me feel like a real driver
  2. robscout

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    I agree manual pitstops in race qualification and practice otherwise why bother pitting it is a part of racing  if you are to late with the pitlimiter you get a penalty if you brake to late at you pitcrew they have to push you back  at you pitcrew you have to press the clutch and the brakes otherwise they don't change the tiers  formation lap  jump starts clutch by start  better traction control  podiums  f1 1999-2002 by ea was a good game it had everything you feel like a real racing driver