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  1. I did some further testing (after watching the video from Digital Foundry that HDR10 posted) because my experience is nothing like what was shown in that video... I found two things. 1. The entire video uses the "Chase" camera.. so I switched to this view and the game did feel/seem smoother. 2. I heard the guy mention the game uses adaptive vsync tech for the tearing... which got me thinking about the "Game mode" on my TV... so, I disabled Game Mode on the tv, as well as disabled HDR in the xbox settings ("lighten the load" kinda thinking). This seems to have done the trick. The game does feel smoother, faster now, but I will say this.. in the "chase" view of the car, the game feels smoother than in any of the "in car" views. I guess this could be down to the POV shaking etc that happens in-car, despite turned that down to zero in the graphics settings.. so it's less performance issue, more just how it's designed. All in all, "Game Mode" on my Samsung seems to be more to blame here than anything else, got me thinking if I'd enjoy other xbox games more with this disabled.. I'll need to have a try!
  2. Few things to consider here. 1. What steering wheel setup have you got? 2. What is your PC spec? 3. You mentioned your friends play on console.... will you not miss racing against them if you switch to PC this year? I had a similar dilema, in that the folks I usually race against are on PC, so I bought it for PC. Then a couple of other friends got it for xbox.. so I ended up getting it there too!
  3. HDR10 you are a rude, ignorant human being. I am not trolling. There is NOTHING wrong with my One X, I am a BIG fan of the console. I couldn't care less what some random YouTube video supposedly "proves"... I know for a fact, categorically, that the game does NOT run as smoothly on my One X as it does on my PC. So much so, that although I have never made a youtube video before, I am going to create one, showing the One X performance side by side with my PC Performance. "F1 2019 runs superbly on it at 4k 60fps and looks amazing when connected to a 4k HDR tv." Well, on my 4K HDR tv, in performance mode, I disagree. It looks superb, but it plays "nice". On the PC, it looks superb, it plays superb. One question to the One X players, just curious... when you are sitting behind the steering wheel, in the pits, and you press X to bring up the Monitors where you edit your car setup etc, does that stutter for you? The animation when the screen comes into focus... genuine question here. HDR10 is clearly nothing more than an Xbox console fanboy. "The Xbox One X actually runs this game better and more consistently than any other platform." It categorically does NOT run better than on my i9, RTX2080ti PC. If you think a so-called "60fps" on the One X in 4k with LIMITED graphical engine settings is "better" than 100fps 4k in Ultra on my PC, you clearly have never played a game on a decent PC. For those of you who think this is me targeting the One X, or trolling, or whatever else, you are wrong. I LOVE the console, have had it since day one (and every other xbox previously) and really enjoy being able to just switch on and play, without the hassle of booting up the pc blah blah blah. But the fact remains, I get smoother, faster, nicer gameplay in F1 2019 on my PC than on the xbox. F1 2018 on the other hand, very comparable performance on both the Xbox and the PC.
  4. So I've had just about every F1 game released.. i've played many many hours on most of them. Safe to say I'm a big fan. I enjoyed F1 2018, despite its... issues... and eagerly awaited F1 2019. I pre-ordered it on both Xbox and PC (having two groups of friends that play it, on different platforms). I have to say, the Xbox One X version (4k) does not play very nicely at all, when compared to the PC version (also in 4k). The framerate doesn't feel very smooth (I highly doubt it's anywhere near 60fps, inclined to think 30fps), the controls feel twitchy and sometimes laggy, yet on the PC, G-Sync @ 60fps in 4k (and actually recorded/logged @ a capped 60fps), the game feels buttery smooth, more responsive and generally a lot more fun to play. This is... disappointing. I guess we can only hope for performance optimisations for the console version of the game! I am currently installing the game on my regular Xbox One, to see if it's a nicer gameplay experience in 1080p. Has anyone else had opportunity to play the game on both PC/Xbox One X for comparison?
  5. MurdoD

    Any else pre order?

    Found a great site with a pre-order price of the anniversary edition for just £24.99! I know there is a lot to be said for waiting until the game is released to see how well it is received, plays, bugs etc, however, couldn't ignore that price! Disappointed not to be selected as a beta tester but hey, only got 50 days to wait I guess.
  6. I'm sure I saw a note somewhere that the chances of rain was increased in one of the patches.... A friend and I are playing a championship on 95% difficulty. What we have noticed is that every single race weekend has had rain. Whether is free practice, qualifying or race, we have only have 1 full weekend without rain and that's after 14 race weekends. What is going on?? This seems a little extreme and it's getting really boring trundling round so slowly....
  7. Any idea on when/if the dx12 version will become the main version? Personally, I'd much prefer the dx12 to be the release version and then the dx11 as the opt in beta... just to swap the message over! That overlay is now ruining the aesthetics of the game for me, however, the increase in performance and smoothness and better control response on the DX12 outweighs the annoying watermark. I'm using a 9700k @ 5ghz and a RTX 2080ti, 1440p, max everything, g-sync enabled, rog swift monitor @ 144hz DX11 version, default Australia benchmark - Min 148, Avg 195, Max 243, 2 stutters DX12 version, default Australia benchmark - Min 154, Avg 196, Max 245, 0 stutters