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  1. pover74

    I am Looking for players with the same settings for unranked lobby

    Shout 2 of us in pal cheers dpover71 cheers
  2. Ps4 searching for session tried about 10 times and if I get in 1 even a 5 lap race or 25 puts me in my own lobby
  3. After the 83mb patch I was ok on ps4,did the update on console and replicated the error 7 times in about a hour,the worst track was second lap on vietnam track turn 1 every time then went to share play and did same on my friend wierd
  4. pover74

    Strict Corner Cutting

    don't change it stops cheats
  5. pover74

    Ps4 dd1 fanatec

    Fanatec dd1 is shocking on this game now ffb is all over the place codemasters
  6. Interested in that 1 pal just got pc and dd1 fanatec v3 peddles and trak racer seat need to find someone cheers pover
  7. The rotary wheels are working
  8. And cheers codemasters you have lost all my car setups with the batch cheers.you are a joke at times cm
  9. They cant get that right beyond a joke
  10. Cheers will try it now thanks
  11. Tried mine in compatibility mode and mine wont select the game still cheers
  12. It's not working for me like you press the x to start the game tried them and it's not working for me cheers
  13. Sh buttons what's them then on the official ps4 dd1