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  1. Interested in that 1 pal just got pc and dd1 fanatec v3 peddles and trak racer seat need to find someone cheers pover
  2. pover74

    Ps4 dd1 fanatec

    Ok well it said in the latest patch 110 that it was done cheers
  3. pover74

    Ps4 dd1 fanatec

    Patch 110 not working for my dd1 still no joy cant get nothing right I no that this is a joke codemasters on a 2 grand setup
  4. The rotary wheels are working
  5. And cheers codemasters you have lost all my car setups with the batch cheers.you are a joke at times cm
  6. They cant get that right beyond a joke
  7. Cheers will try it now thanks
  8. Tried mine in compatibility mode and mine wont select the game still cheers
  9. It's not working for me like you press the x to start the game tried them and it's not working for me cheers
  10. Sh buttons what's them then on the official ps4 dd1
  11. Official dd1 fanatec not working after 109 but yesterday it was ok on 108 codemasters you need to sort this and get your act together.roll on when different game developer gets the rights to do the game better than you discrace
  12. My fanatec wheel x button is not working now so cant start the game so dd1 wont select the x to start f1 try 2018 the button works come on codemasters your beyond a joke at times
  13. pover74

    RANKED RACES - Setups not saving after Quali [ZX]

    Codemasters this needs to be looked at. When set ups are being put on the cars they are disappearing or they are puttting others people's setup on your car in the lobby in qual and also when people crash and you are watching them you end up with there setup
  14. pover74

    [PC] Fanatec Multi Position Switch working

    Yes pc fine but playstation a no no end off not on for all us people what buy expensive wheels