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  1. Not sure about others, but I just want best game possible (best game for me includes career mode too). As I said I will buy the game, but I just feel like I HAVE TO, cause I am huge fun of F1. 
  2. I dont think we shall have pro season. If someone want to play with cockpit cam and no assists he will do that in championship. Pro remainds me on non sense season challenge in 2012, once differense is that this is a different kind of challenge. I think that F1 2010 had the best features including career and grand prix either. Btw I am going to buy it for sure but just it is one and only fully licenced F1 game.
  3. Do you guys know what a hell championship mode is? Is it like career or is it same as pro just with assists. If it is career than no playing as Kimi for me cause i am really casual gamer and i need some assists... :blush: 
  4. @justbiglee  Wait, you said we have to choose driver/TEAM we want to play so can we choose Ferrari and be manager of it, or did I misunderstand. Btw I love the graphics singapore is AWESOME. I hope that game will be epic. Wondering can you tell as more about features soon. Sorry for bad english.
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