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    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    Hi all.  Great news that F1 2015 will be released in June and the screenshots and previews look and sound great.  However, the game breaker for me will be how the AI works, especially in the rain.  The PC users can mod the database to slow cars down, but on PS3 it ruins the experience.  I can be a second or so faster in qualifying, then it rains in the race, and they are as fast they were in qualy on primes, whereas I can hardly keep mine on the track, so have to switch.  Also hate that AI cars can happily hit me from behind without penalty. Just played rain affected race in career season and now feel really deflated as the game was so unrealistic.  Great to see improvemants in handling, but improvements in AI more needed. I will def not buy another F1 until it is improved.