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  1. CavSTiago

    Controller Settings

    Hey, I like your preset, just changing Steering Saturation of 18 to 8!
  2. So this happened after the update 1.5? @Faya, look that! Fix controllers in F1 2019!
  3. CavSTiago

    Controller Settings

    Look your account inbox, I leave a message for you. I believe that this preset you create is very good, and I can explain a thing more
  4. Windows 10 Xbox One S Controller DirectX 12 I bought F1 in the last 5 years, and this is the first time I am seeing this. I'd rather play in PRESET 2 on the controller for a long time ago; I know that every game has its own way of setting the dead zone on the controller (because it's always necessary), and the way Codemasters left the game in that sense is inadmissible, my brake is pressing 12% alone; please correct the dead zone on the right analog stick moved down (and revise all other commands as there may be some no dead zone yet not configured... but I only detected this one); As I like to play at high level in controller (Elite), this is bothering me in the time interval when I'm entering the corner between stopping braking and re-accelerating, and should get brake zero. I know I could put a dead zone manually into the game, but I still think it is Codemasters responsibility to deliver the game balanced on commands. I think I should be able to add dead zone within a safe zone of my analog's movement, not where it is already moving too much alone. Putting too much manual dead zone to correct (12%) will hurt my gameplay. F1 2018 didn't have this problem, so please fix this on my F1 2019 !!! DETAIL: I have done several tests on my controller (with specialized softwares), and I have 4 new Xbox One S Controllers, and all of them have this dead zone problem in F1 2019. And in F1 2018 the problem does not happen. That is, the problem is in the F1 2019 game for sure.
  5. @Faya, I need more vibration on the kerbs in Xbox One S controller (PC, Windows 10)
  6. CavSTiago

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    I agree with you have said, but I yet think that CodeMasters should make a game more stimulated and by consequence you can enable assists and have a casual game, arcade. Don't have secret, so could have two parallels in a same game... Because create a simulator game is the challenge, but turns this in Arcade is very, very easy, and good.
  7. CavSTiago

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    100% manual pit Finally a Simulator when with no assists (with assists turns SimCade or yet Arcade), that is, a game for every class of players, include the most hardcores Drive on the last lap to celebrate the victory and take the car to podium
  8. CavSTiago

    How to drift in F1 2014?

    I learned to spin. [lol] When you turn the wrong way, to turn around is only accelerate 'filling' the 1st gear all up to 108km / h, and when you get that speed is only gives the reverse time. The car rotates 360 °, without leaving much of its own axis.
  9. CavSTiago

    How to drift in F1 2014?

    When the car leaves the track and is unlike is hard to get around without hitting the walls or having to accelerate and to reverse to completely turn around the car. How to "0" and go around once doing drift?