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  1. I want them to take the environments from DIRT5 and make proper rally stages from them. Also this. Make the career more engaging. A lot of the systems concerning that are in place in other codemasters titles so it wouldn't be that hard to consider them for DiRT Rally 3
  2. His name was on the European cover.
  3. Adding to this, I'm pretty sure the location is based on Lofoten in Norway.
  4. Career mode structure 10/10 take note Codemasters Actual gameplay 4/10 Ignore this part Codemasters
  5. I miss when rallies were presented as actual rallies rather than locations.
  6. It does so that you can play the DLC in multiplayer for free if the host has paid for the DLC
  7. It's out in about 10 minutes EDIT No sorry, 1 hour and 10 minutes
  8. The day is upon us! But still ave this zero car
  9. Yeah, you have to modify the specoc file. But it's not the same as DR1. It's been a while since I modded DR2 so I don't remember as much, but I'm pretty sure it's the speccoc file that causes the brightness
  10. You guys should talk to them after launching the Colin pack though. Would be really great PR
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