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    19 minutes ago, HoksuHoo said:

    In addition to looking painfully awful, the fog is COMPLETELY unrealistic in what should be dry, clear, hot summer daytime weather with no fog at all. The game should attempt to realistically portray different weather conditions in real-world locations, no? This is a complete failure in that regard too.

    This is what daytime/clear should realistically look like. Crystal clear with no fog

    Now I'm not defending the fog in any way, but Finland in DR2 isn't supposed to be in the summer. It has a much more fall appearance as if it was held in September. That was a design decision in DR1 since they went on the research trip in the fall. You can clearly see it in the trees. So fog wouldn't be all that unrealistic

  2. 28 minutes ago, Pieman99 said:

    I admire the optimism in this thread. So far all dlc rally locations we have received so far have been from Dirt Rally 1, so i can’t see why brand new rally locations would be added now. 

    But there is though. They have run out of dr1 locations. And condisering how long it takes to make one location it could be that they started with new locations when dr 2 launched. Whole it’s not guaranteed we’ll see some new stuff it’s not totally impossible either

  3. 4 hours ago, JorritVD said:

    This might be interesting, i think there might be an unannounced car coming. My guess is the 2019 ARX Subaru. #GOSSIP



    While the most likely one is the Subaru RX it could also be the Skoda Fabia RX.

  4. 2 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

    I'll stand by what I said back in DR1 - we need dynamic routes through a location more than a dynamically generated location. Look at any of the stage screens while the stage is loading in - almost all of them show how the stage runs through all of these roads and junctions. The ultimate solution is to map out the entire location and all those side roads/junctions. Craft a system that can select 4/8 of those splits and connects them into the "stage". You'll have to record multiple pacenotes for each junction since some might just be "Flat Right 150 passed Junction" and on the next time it is used we get "Caution 2 Left tightens 1 over Junction".

    THAT would be the way to create infinite replayability. You would turn 16 Splits (2 Longs) into dozens and dozens of potential stages if the roads are laid out right so even half of them have junctions that start/end with 2 options. Not saying it would be easy to develop and implement, but it would be amazing to play through. Imagine one time through Spain it's all tarmac, but the next time at the end of the 2nd split, Phil yells "Caution, Acute Left onto gravel - 100 into vineyards". The entire concept of Spain would flip on its head.

    If I recall correctly V-Rally 4 did something like that. It was the best part of the game in my opinion.

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  5. 15 minutes ago, gk9147 said:

    yeah is true but milestone add this toyota on gravel 

    Yeah but lucky for them Milestone isn't Codemasters. The problem is with Toyota and Codemasters alone. I think it had something to do with someone at Codemasters who said the wrong thing to a Toyota rep. But that is just rumors as far as I heard

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  6. 26 minutes ago, somethingthing said:

    Why do some of you care so much about the liveries? Its very popular with user created liveries and if a livery, modded or official, is wrong in any way the community will always tell and thats true for all racing games. What makes the livery so important? 🙂

    I might agree to some extent, but the big problem is that the DLC cars cant be modded. So we're stuck with the garbage liveries they provide. For example, until now I had absolutely no interest in the Focus 07 because of the terrible liveries it had.

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