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  1. 1 hour ago, JZStudios said:

    I've never seen anything with Colin's name attached to D2 or D3. I'd also very much argue that D3 added in Gymkhana and a lot of other "fun arcade racer" elements and was in fact not solely nor primarily focused on rally.

    His name was on the European cover.



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  2. Stage rallies. It doesn't have to be accurate to real-life nor that hard. Just Do a dirt2 and have 1 or 2 stages per location. A DiRT game without actual Rallying would be just wrong.  Might as well be called GRID: Offroad instead

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    23 minutes ago, ianism said:
    finally, here's a nice gif of the day-night cycle in Norway

    Adding to this, I'm pretty sure the location is based on Lofoten in Norway.



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  4. Might come back to this one later with a proper wishlist, but my biggest wish is that they don't do more WRC locations. Rally games have a really annoying tendency to always include the same locations. Sure they are iconic. But when you don't have the license to the championship you have a real opportunity to get amazing rallies that have never been in the WRC



    EX WRC rallies are also fine though

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  5. 22 minutes ago, JPKD said:

    Quick question. I own all rally DLC for the game. I play with a friend who does not.

    If we're playing custom champs - with my friend in my Xbox party - am I able to include DLC tracks in the Championship for us both to play? Or does he have to won the DLC too to access them?

    Yep, that's why the file size of the game is so big. Everyone can play the DLC in multiplayer if the host has it

  6. 36 minutes ago, WestHam66 said:

    What does the 18.7GB update do? I've not downloaded the pack, but when I went to play just now, I was told there was an update to download! 

    It does so that you can play the DLC in multiplayer for free if the host has paid for the DLC