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  1. 1 month to go get signed up to the site and leagues
  2. About TRL The league itself originates from the early days of F1 2010, when a group of us decided to hold a full season 12-man championship. Not only did we all enjoy participating in it, but we noticed that others wanted to get involved as well. By the end of our first season we almost had a full grid of reserve drivers all itching to race. F1 2011 brought a new array of possibilities, with the introduction of a 16-man online grid and teammates. Custom races were becoming more and more popular and people were now looking at more organised racing rather than just 3-lap sprint races. Having al
  3. Looking to make a site for the new f1 2015 game for xbox one only , i have lots of idea's and very good at graphics myself and know people who can code sites i just need somebody with a good idea of f1 games in general and dedicated to help n run leagues , Also willing to parrt with a small amount of money which will be beneficial long term
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