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  1. It's simply, really. Team order are legal, so let them be. Just don't be hypocritical about it.

    As for the race and the championship: the way I see it, Ferrari do have a car to win both championships. Are they going to win it? No.
    I no longer doubt the car, but the drivers.
    Kimi is long past it, well all know that. And Seb is far too inconsistent. I mean, a fucking 4-time world championship binning it in the rain like a rookie in his first season? That's plain embarrassing. Not to mention the strategy calls from the pit wall which are still baffling at times.

    Maybe they have a better shot with Leclerc, but certainly not with lukewarm-man and bins-it-like-a-rookie.

    I'll also take a break from the whole F1 circus in general. I've already unfollowed all major news outlets and accounts. My mental health has gone down the shitter these past few months and I need to reduce the stuff in my life that makes me feel like crap. Maybe I'll pick it up again, but for now I'm done.

    Still, I hope you all enjoy the rest of the season. Cheers!

  2. Give me a break. As if you guys wouldn't break out the champagne if Ferrari dominated the past few years and are suffering a double DNF.

    All that shittalk about the Scuderia, and as soon as I'm doing a bit of piss taking I'm the fucking bad guy. And Merc still have the best car at times, this wasn't exactly a title decider. Not yet at least.

  3. Hey, don't get me wrong. I genuinely get their business practice and why they're doing it.
    I just don't like it. And that they've been doing it last year doesn't make it better but worse in my eyes.

    But hey, like I said, it works wonderfully for them, 'cos for some reason people mistake big companies for their friends.

  4. I know it will be available at a later date, but so fucking what?

    Why do I get to wait if I do decide to buy the game early but not pre-order it? The content is already in the game, but I only get immediate access by pre-ordering it.

    This whole 'pre-order to get ALL the content immediately crap' is just a cheap way to get people to pre-order. And it's an, admittedly tiny, middle finger to those deciding to wait a bit.

  5. UP100 said:
    Operator1 said:

    I always find it strange when game companies push for pre-orders before they've revealed much of anything about what they want people to buy. "We're not telling you what's coming, but we want you to blindly commit to buying it anyway??"

    Well if the game sucks, you can still refund it.
    You could also *not* pre-order it. But self-control is about as rare as human decency.

    There is nothing to gain. Apart from essentially early access to content that should be available right from the get go. Hell, if you think about it, this pre-order incentive is downright insulting. The content is obviously already in the game, but guess what sucker? You're only getting it right from the start when you cash out before you even get the full game.

    And, of course, it works like a charm.