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  1. 6 open seats https://discord.gg/RscEhD
  2. https://discord.gg/eZDF9h Still looking for Clean and Committed Drivers that live in Europe/Uk. Races. Take place Tuesdays 8pm UK time. Ideally full time, but we will accept reserves. If you fit these requirements we would love to have you in our league.
  3. HeroOfTime91

    Time Trial Cheaters

    It's the same on Xbox too. They need to fix it and if need be reset the leaderboard, I want to know the setups copying are actually genuine.
  4. HeroOfTime91

    Traction vs No Traction - which is faster?

    Alright cool that is good to hear, I thought so as I feel faster with no traction. I just was beginning to doubt it when I saw people running ABS, Traction and Auto Gear Box as number 1 and number 2 in the leaderboards in Bahrain on Xbox ( other tracks as well I believe) Hopefully their times will be removed if they are cheating, which seems certain.
  5. HeroOfTime91

    Traction vs No Traction - which is faster?

    Yeah I'm just gonna keep to no traction as I am enjoying it, I hope if any fixes are needed to TT times or rebalancing of assists is needed codies will fix it
  6. HeroOfTime91

    Time trial

    Maybe they think people well actually believe that the are fastest in the world. That's the only reason I can think of.
  7. HeroOfTime91

    Traction vs No Traction - which is faster?

    I think they are cheating on the Xbox side too, someone correct me if I am wrong but the top 2 in Bahrain are 4 tenths faster than the esports guys that don't use any assists.
  8. HeroOfTime91

    Traction vs No Traction - which is faster?