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  1. I don't think Codemaster's bother to look at customers comments, certainly not on here anyway. That fat shit Lee Williams is now EA's community manager.
  2. Why the silent treatment on Facebook and Twitter since the Belgium GP Codemasters? 3 patches we've had on the PS4 and the game is still very much broken! Where's the new liveries? You said on the run up to release that liveries would be updated on a regular basis should a teams livery change. Surprise surprise, you've not done it. Anyway, back to my first question. Why the silent treatment to everyone? Is it because you don't care about the good folk who went out and paid £40 FOR A GAME THAT DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY? Have you given up? I want an answer Codemasters!!! The least you can do is show
  3. I don't know what the hell you lot are doing at Codemaster's and I very much doubt you know what you're doing yourselves! Downloaded the 2nd patch for the PS4, 3rd if you count the release day patch and yet most problems don't seem to have been rectified. Certain problems have been fixed though but unfortunitely other things in the game seem to have broken whilst fixing other small problems. Everytime Hamilton qualifies Crofty keeps saying after each session that Hamilton's been knocked out, when in fact he's finished top in every session. When Hamilton get's pole or the Mercs finish a 1/2 in
  4. Adding to my last comment. Realised that the Mercs tyres aren't grey at all, they're driving on bloody rims!!! If the Mercs are more than a couple of seconds in front you can see the rims. On a long straight you can notice it. The AI don't get out of your way when lapping them, they don't get out of your way when you're on a flying lap in qualy and they're on an in or out lap. Oh, and they like to ram you off the track and get absolutely no punishment whatsoever! Instead us (the player) get the penalty for doing nothing wrong. If your hearts not in it Codemasters, give the license to someone w
  5. You should hang your heads in shame Codemasters for releasing this absolute load of garbage. £40 odd spent on this and I've never felt so ripped off, you've robbed us all. The cars look and feel good, but that's as good as this game gets. I've downloaded the ''new patch''for the PS4 which was said to fix so many bugs. News flash Codemasters, it hasn't!!! Why at every circuit does the screen rip? Why do the Mercs have bright grey tyres when they're more than 3 secs in front of you? Why don't the AI suffer tyre wear? Don't tell me they do, it's a lie! Did a full distance race at Monaco, my first
  6. You mongs with an old gen console best uprgrade to a new gen. NO F12015 game on PS3 or XBOX360 LMFAO!!!!
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