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  1. Having spent most of the day on PC . I have to agree, the depth on this game is incredible,even though the controller settings take some time to adjust. Its been a great experience, The manaul starts,pitstop options,Diff and brake bias adjustments. sectors screen,A.I ,Handling and general gameplay is fantastic. If CM get near this level of depth i would be impressed but they have big boots to fill. Really big. 
  2. They only have themselves to blame.Im not usually one to hammer the nail in most of the time but there marketing is pathetic,even worse than last year lol There driving customers over to project cars. They know deep down this could be there last shot but there timings and mindset are all wrong. Especially this year on the newer genration of consoles,they need to give us a reason to spend 45-55 pounds.Maybe Fom have got them by the balls we don't know. One thing i know though is there will be alot of unhappy customers when the general public play and find out career and other features have been
  3. Agree with Softy, League racing is the best way to enjoy a racing game. A.I will never have that unpredictability that a human player has , they also can be as fast if not faster than A.I. Ive had battles like Bahrain 2014 due to this. Theres no way you can get A.I to that level. Except for geoff crammand GP4 from back in the day. That's the only game that has level headed A.I, for the people that join public races well your digging your own grave with that move. You will get the odd race where theres decent players but 90% of the time its destruction derby
  4. Hold on, Judging by that tweet can you play 2014 and 2015 . Like one after another, so that would come to 2 years of the championship mode @TheLeeMather i mean that will be only one year season and i have to restart, or like carreer there will be many years. andmy answer is yes.  Lee Mather ‏@TheLeeMather  10h10 hours ago@TONY97WWEFAN nice one, not very few finish one, congrats. You can play 2014 and 15 seasons.
  5. So u watch formula 1 for the formation lap??  Well, to be fair, it's the closest the cars ever come to overtaking each other in a lot of F1 races these days :open_mouth:  Oh come on, there's significantly more overtaking these days than there used to be. Formation laps are a part of F1 and should be included.  It builds the tension, warms up tyres and brakes which has a material impact on the first lap.  Project Cars has formations laps so it's not an impossible request. Project Cars has Formation laps ? Yes it does mate  http://www.projectcarsgame.com/
  6. "So why are you watching." Because I've been watching Formula 1 since 1981/2 - And yes, I do 'slag' F1 off on occasion, however that's just because I am passionate about the sport and don't want to see it dwindle from the limelight. Also, these are my opinions and I am entitled to them and just because every now & then I decide to make them known to others, doesn't give you the right to dictate to me that I shouldn't!... "Why can't people that dislike something stop watching its bloody pathetic." I don't dislike the sport...never have, I just dislike the way it 'appears' to be headin
  7. So why are you watching. Why can't people that dislike something stop watching its bloody pathetic. Your minds been made up you just dont have the guts to turn your tv over, there was BTCC and MotoGP on maybe you should devote your time to those instead of slagging off F1. I get that its in a bad state but regarding the competition its always been like that top team has the best car others have to catch up, where the hell were you during shumacher domination, still in your pram probably.
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