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  1. Cant believe they took away the features they implemented last year to fix crazy driver transfers.
  2. I have a G29 and have this issue. Ghub version: 2021.8.792. This either has happended with the latest GHub update or Patch 1.05 - as it used to work without issue.
  3. Hey mate can you please post some screenshots inside Ghub? I must be doing something wrong with the profiles. It works randomly about 1 in 10 times without a consistent reason/method I do. I test in time-trial in Melbourne and pretty much know straight away turning into the corner before the main straight. When its right, it feels nimble and sharp, but the other 9 times out of 10 it is truck like you have to move the wheel completely to the right to make it turn. Also when I look on screen my wheel is on a massive angle where if you look at the driver animation on screen it is only a minor mov
  4. Thanks mate appreciate it, its clunky but if it works than great. I will give it a try and let you know.
  5. @jameswallace I have the exact problem, my friend has the exact problem - both using G29's. Really keen to see if you found a solution, its really frustrating. My issue is slightly different, when I go into the game initially it is at 900, if I go back to to the ghub software and change back to 360 and go back into the game it works. Once ingame it stays at 360 until I go out of the game. If I then go back into the game it's 900 again, and have to repeat the process.
  6. My list is: - Better damage model - Online mode to include all qualifying sessions - Random Mechanical Failures - Improved AI
  7. @ BigLee / @ Britpoint Thanks for confirming details re online practice.  I hope that means also that online mode will have the ability to include all qualifying sessions not just the one? This would be a huge addition to the game.
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