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  1. Hey mate can you please post some screenshots inside Ghub? I must be doing something wrong with the profiles. It works randomly about 1 in 10 times without a consistent reason/method I do. I test in time-trial in Melbourne and pretty much know straight away turning into the corner before the main straight. When its right, it feels nimble and sharp, but the other 9 times out of 10 it is truck like you have to move the wheel completely to the right to make it turn. Also when I look on screen my wheel is on a massive angle where if you look at the driver animation on screen it is only a minor mov
  2. 1. When selecting qualifying (30 minutes) for F2 Qualifying the host has the 30 minutes but for all other entries it reverts to 18 minutes maximum (The same time as Q1 for F1) 2. PC 3. 1.07 4. LAN - Multiplayer 5. Bahrain - tested 4 times 6. There is no fix, the host is always 30 minutes but for anybody who joins they get only 18 minutes qualifying. 7. G29 Wheel 8. Not required - also it is visible on screen in the garage that the host has 30 minutes and the other people that join there count down starts
  3. Thanks mate appreciate it, its clunky but if it works than great. I will give it a try and let you know.
  4. @jameswallace I have the exact problem, my friend has the exact problem - both using G29's. Really keen to see if you found a solution, its really frustrating. My issue is slightly different, when I go into the game initially it is at 900, if I go back to to the ghub software and change back to 360 and go back into the game it works. Once ingame it stays at 360 until I go out of the game. If I then go back into the game it's 900 again, and have to repeat the process.
  5. Bump we need an official response yes or no online championship being patched in for f12019?
  6. At the very least need to bring back the ability to race with F12019 cars (real cars) with 2019 performance. The ability for it to collate points should be a secondry consideration as we can at least manually write down the results, not ideal but until you bring back the functionaility.
  7. My list is: - Better damage model - Online mode to include all qualifying sessions - Random Mechanical Failures - Improved AI
  8. @ BigLee / @ Britpoint Thanks for confirming details re online practice.  I hope that means also that online mode will have the ability to include all qualifying sessions not just the one? This would be a huge addition to the game.
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