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  1. Why did you stop yourself
  2. Maybe one day console users will have the ability to use real sponsors like moders can or I will try and learn how to mod myself when I can buy a gaming laptop/desk top but oh well.
  3. I just don’t understand the legal problems codies seems to have with using real sponsors I mean they use them for the real cars so shouldn’t it be doable to let the player use them as well plus that added exposure then said sponsors and companies could get I’m on console so I can’t mod not that I would know how to
  4. But PC users can mod could that therefore change the coding of some of the game. I wish I could mod lol
  5. It might be different for console because we can’t mod
  6. Oh right like the sponsors
  7. My apologies I miss interpreted what you said I was Only commenting on how difficult it can be for teams to catch up to one another in development
  8. Which is actually like reality unfortunately and this is a game therefore in future codies should be my lenient.
  9. Fix Claire’s questions please she asks questions at stupid times like “how will not making Q3 affect your race tomorrow” or words to that affect when you have just completed Q3
  10. Hello, Would it be possible to make the number on the #MyTeam FOM Car customisable. You should be able to choose things like the text type and colour
  11. I think not having a proper Career mode where you can be yourself is really disappointing and I really want it to be back either as an update to F1 2015 or re included into F1 2016 for me not having the proper career mode will make the game not as good as it should be Im really dissappointed. I how ever love the introduction of voice recognition, podium, interviews and formation laps and hope that Career Mode can come back and include these inclusions that would be fantastic
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