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    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    Hi Codemaster, As a game developer i think you guys make an amazing F1 simulation for both console and PC. I have a few questions that i hope you can reply to. 1. I am wondering if controller users have an advantage as i have a few friends who use them and they seem to do much better than me with a wheel? I think you should make it a bit tougher for them as well! 2. Also is there going to be a cheat prevention in F1 2015?  I see there are users who i can't catch with DRS on and they pass me in the first lap with no DRS on the straights as if they had DRS. 3. This is my big question. I use  Momo Logitech wheel and had no issues in the last 2 versions until i got F1 2014. I noticed in the override option for wheel the steering is spot on and acts like it should but my gas pedal spins the tires with no traction on or medium traction when i only am using 10 to 30% pedal. I can even spin off the track in 4th gear with less than 30% gas pedal. If you try to take a 2nd gear turn forget about it you can't even use 5% gas pedal or you will spin out. And you can't even react fast enough to save it. I do think we need the tires too spin with no traction on but you need to have more than 50% gas pedal even if your at a high RPM. If real formula 1 racers had to use my gas pedal and your settings they would all be spinning off the track. There are some other forums of people complaining about this issue and i find others say it's realism. I disagree as it would take more to make the tires spin. In the last race in Bahrain a driver complained because he could not spin the tires in first gear to warm then up. I can spin the tires in 3rd gear from a stopped position!!! So i think you should look into this because it will prevent wheel users from using the no traction option which is better for feeling the turns as you should slide a small amount with a lot of pedal. Thanks if you can do something about this issue and i am stuck using traction control with slower lap times.