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  1. That isn't final. If we can prove the demand is there, we can see what happens in the future but as of right now we're focusing on our Early Access model.  It would be a massive shame if it didn't - eventually - end up on the consoles as well. I'm confident that there's plenty of demand for DiRT Rally on XB1 and PS4 (hint: just check Twitter or your Facebook page ;)). For the time being though, keep it up!
  2. My initial impressions on DiRT Rally after having spent a good hour and a half of my evening watching the Twitch stream and several other gameplay videos is nothing but a huge grin on my face. It looks absolutely bloody fantastic and so damn glad about the direction you've taken with the game. It's basically what the core fans have been asking for since DiRT2 and 3. Tracks look tight, technical and lengthy enough, physics definitely appear to be on the simulation side of things and the UI is very simple and slick. @justbiglee, @KickUp and the rest of the DiRT Team, you have my full suppo
  3. Malaysia, China, Michigan (Lake Gratiot), Aspen, Australia and Kenya...? Come on, Lee! Just tell us! :D
  4. I genuinely enjoy(ed) G:AS. All in all, it's a great racing game. Possibly the best offline experience I've had on the consoles in years - AI and racing wise. My main gripes with the game is however the performance of the game on the PS3, which unfortunately takes away a lot from the experience at times. Besides the framerate being effy, team management is rather lackluster. Hiring team mates, editing liveries and even managing an in-game economy would've been fantastic additions. These features are severely missed from GRID. I hope to see them return in future titles. Note : My score is so
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqjFctwbPmM :D I've done over 300 races and this is the first time I've encountered this ''behaviour''. Coincidentally also at Hockenheim.
  6. Complaining about the complainers is a waste of time. Just let people have their say about the game and the content offered. I for one think that the Sprint Pack is fantastic - at least from my perspective, since I skipped GRID2. Therefore, to me, it's a much welcomed addition for which I happily spent $6 on. And that's another thing - the pricing of DLCs. They are (or seem) a lot more sensible than in previous games. I suppose that's a result of another lesson learned? With that said, I wouldn't encourage CM to offer content from previous games as DLC in the future, as they've done with th
  7. Personally, I'm very happy with the G:AS and to me, it has been a great choice as my last game on the PS3 before moving onto next-gen. It has also reinstated my faith in CM after GRID2 and shows that community feedback does matter and being taken into consideration. Obviously it isn't faultless, but still a damn good racer. Many steps in the right direction, which I wholeheartedly support. For these reasons alone, I'll also be buying my first DLC ever tomorrow - the Sprint Pack, although being recycled content. Keep it up, CM. I sincerely hope it pays off.
  8. My sentiments exactly, although I did enjoy gymkhana a lot (please, don't put a rope around my neck o:) )
  9. I thought this was well known by now. There is no such thing as exclusive pre-order content, well at least not anymore. Nowadays, you get the ''privilige'' to have that content for free and before those who haven't given into the common practices of this lovely, pre-order hungry industry. For the peasants, the content will then be offered for money down the line. Although I'm no fan of the above, I'm glad CM actually listened and went with one and a simple bonus content this time around. unlike with GRID2 where they managed to split the community before the game was even released.
  10. Hard to say without any concrete information but I'm sure looking forward to it regardless. :p
  11. The last part confuses me. I'm assuming that this - or at least part of it - is the Touring Car Legends Pack.
  12. Yeah, you bought into an early access, i.e not finished.  They are giving cars that were going to be free to begin with, oh praise the Lord! Although I personally had a shit expereince with GT6's multiplayer, I can't argue about G:AS's multiplayer and the lack of players, which is a major bummer. I was really looking forward  to give the Open Wheel category a go but have yet to find a playlist to race my Formula C in on the PS3. The GRID community is quite small and the save file corruption is definitely taking its toll on multiplayer. (no save file corruption here yet *knocks on
  13. The fact that you bring GT6 up and at the same accuse G:AS of being unfinished is hilarious. The former still hasn't gotten advertised features 9 months after release whereas G:AS is a complete product but with its unfortunate issue on its own. So, I'm going to make an educated guess and assume that you meant to say ''working product''. Nevertheless, your frustration is completely understandable and would absolutely hate to go through the same hassle. These issues/bugs, especially the save file corruption, shouldn't be there in the first place. Regarding that, I'll never make an excuse f
  14. I'm in season 8 in Street and I normally start at the back of the pack on V.Hard and I don't think I've ever seen the AI have a first corner pile up. But then I do stay at the back for the first corner or so before I start trying to overtake the back markers. Did you ever consider that you are what's causing the pile ups? Yes, of course, how could I forgot that?! I mean, I do stay at the back and am keeping distance from the AI but then I remembered - it's my fault regardless. Silly me.
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