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  1. I'm new here (this is my 2nd post) and still relatively new to sim racing (if you want to put the Codemasters F1 series in that category). Anyway, I see two sides to this. Codemasters' side making decisions as a company to satisfy shareholders, secure and abide by F1 licensing agreements, and other important company interests (ie. sustaining a business model to remain profitable). By the way, do any of you run your own company? A little perspective here goes a long way before passing judgement. While many of the outspoken here may favor a more simulated experience (I'd put myself at
  2. 2) Formation laps have already been confirmed as NOT included this time, I'm afraid. 3) 100% cockpit view is already possible the past couple of games, you just have to select it  in the options as it's not the default for pit stops. 6) Indeed, I'm a UI designer by trade and some things are a bit annoying. That said, it's tough to design a UI that's optimal for so many different target devices -- Xbox controller, PS4 controller, PC keyboard, and a dozen supported wheels with different button layouts, not to mention a range of physical screen sizes from probably 32" (and I'm sure a lot o
  3. I haven't read the entire thread but and I'm coming here having only played F1 2013 so far but here's what I'd like to see: 1) A hide/show steering wheel option. Never seen this one requested before, but as someone who's spent over $5k on building a custom carbon fiber F1 steering wheel, I'd rather not stare at a redundant copy on the screen. This feature would further increase immersion for the many who are playing racing games these days with a full-on racing cockpit instead of the standard controller. 2) It's been requested a million times and perhaps it's already been confirmed to be
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