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  1. blowndiffuser

    Two things

    I'm new here (this is my 2nd post) and still relatively new to sim racing (if you want to put the Codemasters F1 series in that category). Anyway, I see two sides to this. Codemasters' side making decisions as a company to satisfy shareholders, secure and abide by F1 licensing agreements, and other important company interests (ie. sustaining a business model to remain profitable). By the way, do any of you run your own company? A little perspective here goes a long way before passing judgement. While many of the outspoken here may favor a more simulated experience (I'd put myself at the top of this list), other considerations have to be made as well for other audiences. Codemasters likely know their audience better than you and know how to satisfy their internal objectives. I'm sure the crew involved in the F1 series have a serious passion for F1 and would love to deliver the experience that would make everyone, with their own unique desires, happy but the reality is, it's just not possible. Something's gotta give, so they cater the experience that they deliver to average out what their core audience will pay for. There's the other side - you and me. I personally want formation laps. The ability to get out of the car and talk to my team. Let them set up my car based on my explanations of the cars handling. Get rid of the steering wheel animations as it's redundant having my own. Have full control in the pit. And so on, and so on. I could provide a solid list of 100 features that I'd want, but how many of you would buy into those and what you consider for yourself to be the 'ultimate F1 experience'? And what about those more casual F1 fans who are still new to the sport? A few years ago I scoffed at anyone who'd sit and play Gran Turismo for hours on end. Then one day I won a copy of GT5 and started with a controller. Today I have a full cockpit, 4 different wheel bases, 5 rims, and have invested over $5k into a replica carbon fiber F1 wheel. I don't think I could even agree with the version of myself from a couple years ago what should go into an F1 game. Having said all that, it seems to me the problem either lies solely within the licensing restrictions of the F1 title or that we simply need two games to adequately satisfy all audiences, each side with a justifiable and quantifiable market. It seems to me that perhaps one title can't be everything to everyone, or it's simply not a logistical possibility with the size of Codemasters' team. Don't know. I guess the point in me putting all this out here is to just get some of you thinking rather than just reacting with the seeming sense of entitlement I'm picking up. But again, as there are two sides to this, perhaps it also would behoove Codemasters to dig deeper into their bag of talent and dedicate more of it to shoot for this seemingly impossible end-all-be-all game or split the game into two opposite-ended parts (one sim, one arcade/simcade)... or even share the license, if possible (not familiar with the politics or legal aspects of motorsport racing game licenses) with another company who can deliver the other end of the spectrum of a true F1 racing experience. Until then, you and I are probably going to have to settle until someone else picks up the license or a new challenger brings their own offering to us - but remember that will only happen if there's truly a market for it.. Just some thoughts...
  2. blowndiffuser

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    2) Formation laps have already been confirmed as NOT included this time, I'm afraid. 3) 100% cockpit view is already possible the past couple of games, you just have to select it  in the options as it's not the default for pit stops. 6) Indeed, I'm a UI designer by trade and some things are a bit annoying. That said, it's tough to design a UI that's optimal for so many different target devices -- Xbox controller, PS4 controller, PC keyboard, and a dozen supported wheels with different button layouts, not to mention a range of physical screen sizes from probably 32" (and I'm sure a lot of people play on smaller), on which a lot of the writing is already too small to read from any distance,  to 60"+ where it all looks big, clunky and wasteful of space. 7) Well, we already have time of day change in the races (though not P&Q sessions) where they're significant in real life, though they presumably don't simulate any change in the races that run from 1pm-3pm local time as that's usually negligible. Being able to pick arbitrary times to run races would be a bit odd though I think, for what's meant to be a simulation of the real F1 season. (None of these would be do-able by June though... two months before release is way too late to be adding any remotely significant new features, it should all be about the QA, final asset updates and other minor polishing by now.) Fair enough, on review the SDLC probably isn't favorable toward many of those types of changes perhaps but I'm pretty sure #1 is doable :). Anyway, enough negativity and criticism from me. I thoroughly enjoy their F1 series and honestly can't wait till June for the new release.
  3. blowndiffuser

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    I haven't read the entire thread but and I'm coming here having only played F1 2013 so far but here's what I'd like to see: 1) A hide/show steering wheel option. Never seen this one requested before, but as someone who's spent over $5k on building a custom carbon fiber F1 steering wheel, I'd rather not stare at a redundant copy on the screen. This feature would further increase immersion for the many who are playing racing games these days with a full-on racing cockpit instead of the standard controller. 2) It's been requested a million times and perhaps it's already been confirmed to be included but the formation lap before the race. 3) 100% cockpit view option during all points of race - even during pitting. Again may be in current games or planned, but would definitely help with immersion. No TV broadcast views unless spectating. 4) Non-automated pitting. For all racing modes - even time trials. I want full control. 5) Simulator mode: full control of starting points on track for sector practice or working on specific turns. It's tiresome perfecting those troublesome penultimate corners by having to do an entire lap to get there. 6) Better UX (user experience). Having working software development for nearly 20 years i'm a stickler for bad UI and poorly designed menus. Resetting a time trial session in F1 2013 (PC), for example, takes too many menu/submenu clicks and confirmations clicks just to start over. And in the heat of the moment this up up down down left right nonsense is infuriating. Curious if the UI guys actually play the game they help design. 7) Time of day change. EA and others have been doing this in several sports/racing games for like two decades. Would be a very nice feature. More ideas coming, but this is a good start for me - many of these doable by June for sure!