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  1. A game can be good and not be the sort of game that people like simultaneously. By all accounts, World of Warcraft is a great MMO...but if you're not into the MMO genre it doesn't matter how good that game is. My issue with this game is it is a no-win scenario for people who really liked the core, single player focused, build your stronghold, command your minions, etc. type Overlord games. If this game does well, then Overlord 3 has a good chance of being multiplayer focused which won't interest me. If it does poorly, then there's a good chance that Codemasters concludes that there's no intere
  2. Hello and good morning from a United States time zone perspective. This is my first post on the Codemasters forums, and before I continue it I wanted to say thank you for having me here and for listening to my opinion. I went to the trouble of researching and finding out why my Firefox browser wasn't working to register and actually using Internet Explorer (yuck) to post here because I feel strongly about what I'm about to say. I would not say that I'm one of Codemasters' best customers. I've bought and played the Overlord games and that's about it. They had their flaws in terms of c
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