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  1. Pretty sure she's just a Princess... ;) You're doing all right. I didn't play it too much, I got her killed by a snake and killed by poison and then I kinda moved on to other things!Ah, so she is. I guess the title and the fact that she's already making all the decisions kind of made me forget she doesn't actually become Queen until she's survived the whole year. I've had a third attempt, survived 35 weeks this time. Now she's died from an arrow, poison and being hit by magic. Elodie never can catch a break, can she?
  2. I always thought rallying would be the perfect motorsport discipline for a romantic comedy anime.
  3. @Anths95  Actually, I was planning at the very least to make a livery mod which replaces the existing Autosport teams with 'moe' anime/manga/J-game themed teams (thus turning the game into GRID Moesport). The list and the "drivers to watch*" in each team are below. *except for Ravenwest Moesport, who have all their drivers listed since their driver list is short. 765Pro Track Day Club (The Idolmaster, replaces Razer Motorsport) - Azusa Miura (Endurance) - Yukiho Hagiwara (Tuner) - Iori Minase (Touring) Joint Tarmac Fighter Wing (Strike Witches, replaces LiquiMoly Motorsport) - Yosh
  4. The Madoka X Autosport trailer I made last year becomes even funnier when I realize that Codemasters used that name VERY liberally for the Japanese drivers in the original GRID. They were all boys, or at least the ones you could hire teammates are, anyway. Codies, if I ever make a racing game, I am going to make sure you guys will NEVER live it down.
  5. Hi, I have a rather crappy computer so I play Autosport on nearly all of the settings turned down or off, and I noticed something strange in Career mode. In the menus, you can clearly see the car number, regardless of what team you pick in Career mode. But when I go to the track, suddenly the once full number plates are now empty! Turning the Shader Quality to LOW means the numbers are visible, but there's something even stranger about this: on ULTRA LOW settings, car numbers are visible for cars customized in online mode! What's the technical reasoning behind this?
  6. I remember distinctly loving Cyborg 009 when Toonami (Cartoon Network) aired that on a regular basis, and was very likely the one that confirmed my enjoyment of anime. I took a long hiatus from anime though, and much of my J-media is primarily video games of anime, manga, or visual novels. The anime that got me back into anime was Initial D, though I stopped watching after Second Stage and dropped the manga after Fourth Stage. I mostly remember ID for the music in the anime, which I love playing in the background while tearing Nathan McKane a new rear axle. The newest anime I've watched, the
  7. 50/50 between career and online. Loving Endurance and Tuner. Super Modifieds make my heart soar!!!
  8. It is pretty strange that K&N Motorsport didn't get any love, considering (from my experience) that the K&N guys place way higher than any of the Oakley or Kicker scrubs, yet they don't get any team profiles on the Codies Blog.
  9. Everything in your list is about right except for this. The Cat-B Tourers are NOT DTM cars, they are V8 Superstars (or Euro V8 Series). Have a look at this Audi: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/37_kNMlApiA/maxresdefault.jpg
  10. Honestly, even though I only very rarely use flashbacks in GRID games (and it's probably the same if I get my hands on a F1 game), I see no point in limiting the number of flashbacks. Here's how I learned how to get around some of the awkwardness that comes with Codies' modern games (GRID and after): Did I do something really retarded? Yes? Okay, flashback and remember for future instances what is the right way and what is the wrong way to do that corner. Ten seconds (if that) of waiting for the right place to flashback beats restarting the race and slugging it out through sections I already k
  11. This is probably the first and only time I'm going to say something.RTAnoskills, I've had bits of light contact happen like what happened in your video in league/organized races before. Quite frankly, yes, he could have avoided you by falling back, sure. But then to promptly slam your opponent into the wall as 'revenge'? Revenge for a minor bump that, for all intents and purposes, did jack squat other than mar your paint job and stick a dent or two in the body work? This isn't about speed or skill, it's about attitudes. Even the best racers bang wheels every now and again; that's jus
  12. I'll take another shot: Is it Micro Machines? It featured a range of off-road vehicle types, all very teeny tiny.
  13. Donington WAS in GRID 1 though, and Silverstone has been making regular appearances in the F1 games. Surfers Paradise was in TOCA 2 and (I think) 3, but the model would be outdated.
  14. Dirt 2 had less boring track layouts, therefore it is better than 3. I would've voted Dirt 1 but I didn't find any fun in its driving, and the yellow bloom sunset drama filter is so badly overblown that it's aged really badly.
  15. Small. Is it... the iOS/Android remake of Colin McRae Rally?
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