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  1. Hi, I have a rather crappy computer so I play Autosport on nearly all of the settings turned down or off, and I noticed something strange in Career mode. In the menus, you can clearly see the car number, regardless of what team you pick in Career mode. But when I go to the track, suddenly the once full number plates are now empty! Turning the Shader Quality to LOW means the numbers are visible, but there's something even stranger about this: on ULTRA LOW settings, car numbers are visible for cars customized in online mode! What's the technical reasoning behind this?
  2. At a forum I frequent, this was quite a popular thread type. The basic idea is this: A user (riddler) posts a riddle, relating to the fan group's games in question. The other posters must guess what the user is hinting at in the riddle. The first poster to get the correct answer to the riddle may post the next riddle after the riddler confirms it is correct. Example of a riddle:  "A very famous female bunny would hate to be racing a car like this when it's more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit out." The answer for us would be the Lola B12/80, from GRID Autosport. Lola Bunny is from Looney Toons, and 80 degrees hints to it being a closed-top car. Racing suggests that, well, it would probably be a race car. The rules: Only cars, tracks, teams, disciplines, and car classes (where applicable) featured in CodeMasters' commercially released racing titles may be used as answers to a given riddle.If you have posted a riddle, and may not have time to confirm an answer, or provide a hint, you must post when you will not be available. This is referred to as "Extended Time". An ET period lasts one day.Can't come up with a reasonable riddle? You can pass your turn off to any user who has posted a guess on the previous riddle.You may only guess up to 6 cars, 3 tracks, 2 teams, 1 discipline, or 2 car classes (where applicable).If a car has multiple variants (the Nissan Silvia is such an example), you must specify the exact game and variant the riddler is looking for. Saying "Nissan Silvia" when the riddler is looking for a "Nissan Silvia S15 Drift Tuned from GRID Autosport" will NOT pass as a sufficient answer.Upon posting a new riddle, you MUST specify if the players are looking for a car, track, team, discipline, or car class. Failure to do so will result in you forfeiting your turn as "riddler".After 5 posts of incorrect guesses on the current riddle, the current riddler must provide another hint.So, to start off small, I'll post the first riddle. You're looking for a team, in this case. "Just based off of the name alone, Utsuho would practically be the mascot for this team!"
  3. scarl3td3vil

    Autosport Soundtrack

    So, any word on a soundtrack release?
  4. I love the drift mechanics in the original GRID. They were tons of fun, and there were lots of cool cars to pick. So I have to wonder, why didn't Codemasters make a dedicated D1GP game? The Tuner guys would have nommed that so hard they'd probably be begging for a dedicated World Time Attack game next. I suppose a dedicated Tuner branch is fine too...
  5. scarl3td3vil

    GRID Autosport trailer parody

    I made a mashup/parody of Puella Magi Madoka Magica's opening song and GRID Autosport's trailers. This is the result:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77BbxUF1trU
  6. scarl3td3vil

    A Face to Ravenwest's Name?

    In the original GRID, Ravenwest were a rival team that could randomly show up at a variety of race events. They were superior to the rest of the field most of the time, and often it'd be up to the player and possibly his/her teammate to battle for the big win. But one thing has always bugged me. What do Nathan McKane and Rick Scott look like with their helmets off? My head-canon says that they look like Ryan McKane and that mechanic Bobby guy from the original Race Driver game, but head-canon and actual canon could be two different things entirely. In a similar vein, how about Harrison Carter from GRID 2? The guys at Codies basically set him up as the key antagonist for the entirety of my WSR career, but I know basically nothing other than that Carter is American, drives for New Union Racing, and does so like a meanie. Unlike the Ravenwest boys though, I don't have any previous points of reference to work with here.
  7. Are the Ravenwest head-to-head events making a return for GRID Autosport? One of the things that kept the hype way, way up for me in beating every tier of competition in GRID 1 was the climatic duel against Nathan McKane or Rick Scott. That and the ultra-dramatic action-flick music that plays for them.
  8. Because I totally want a Ravenwest Motorsport T-shirt or hoodie. I'd pay for one. Or maybe as a limited-edition preorder thing for GRID Autosport? Hmm...
  9. scarl3td3vil

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 1

    Pretty sure she's just a Princess... ;) You're doing all right. I didn't play it too much, I got her killed by a snake and killed by poison and then I kinda moved on to other things!Ah, so she is. I guess the title and the fact that she's already making all the decisions kind of made me forget she doesn't actually become Queen until she's survived the whole year. I've had a third attempt, survived 35 weeks this time. Now she's died from an arrow, poison and being hit by magic. Elodie never can catch a break, can she?
  10. scarl3td3vil

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 1

    I always thought rallying would be the perfect motorsport discipline for a romantic comedy anime.
  11. scarl3td3vil

    GRID Autosport trailer parody

    @Anths95  Actually, I was planning at the very least to make a livery mod which replaces the existing Autosport teams with 'moe' anime/manga/J-game themed teams (thus turning the game into GRID Moesport). The list and the "drivers to watch*" in each team are below. *except for Ravenwest Moesport, who have all their drivers listed since their driver list is short. 765Pro Track Day Club (The Idolmaster, replaces Razer Motorsport) - Azusa Miura (Endurance) - Yukiho Hagiwara (Tuner) - Iori Minase (Touring) Joint Tarmac Fighter Wing (Strike Witches, replaces LiquiMoly Motorsport) - Yoshioka Miyafuji (Endurance) - Mio Sakamoto (Touring) - Minna Wilcke (Open-Wheel) After School Race Time (primarily K-ON!, but includes Lucky Star and Haruhi too, replaces Intel Motorsport) - Yuki Nagato (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Endurance) - Yui Hirasawa (K-ON!, Touring) - Konata Izumi (Lucky Star, Open-Wheel) Oorai Autosport Academy (Girls und Panzer, replaces Cusco Racing) - Miho Nishizumi (Endurance) - Azusa Sawa (Touring) - Anzu Kadotani (Street) Unlimited Race Works (Fate-series and Tsukihime, replaces Forge Motorsport) - Arcueid Brunestud (Touring/Tuner/Endurance) - Arturia Pendragon (Endurance) - Ryougi Shiki (Open-Wheel) JC Staff Tuner House (Familiar of Zero and Toradora, replaces Monster Energy Racing) - Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!, Street) - Louise Valliere (Familiar of Zero, Tuner) - Henrietta de Tristain (Familiar of Zero, Tuner) Madoka Magicasport (Madoka Magica, replaces Team Kicker) - Mami Tomoe (Endurance/Open-Wheel) - Madoka Kaname (Touring/Open-Wheel) - Homura Akemi (Touring/Endurance) Gensokyo Grip Fiends (Touhou Project, replaces Oakley Motorsport) - Reimu Hakurei (Touring/Tuner) - Marisa Kirasame (Tuner) - Sanae Kochiya (Endurance) Key Racing Arts (Kanon, Clannad, and Angel Beats!, replaces K&N Motorsport) - Kyou Fujibayashi (CLANNAD, Endurance/Open-Wheel/Touring) - Ayu Tsukimiya (Kanon, Touring) - Yuri Nakamura (Angel Beats!, Tuner) Ravenwest Moesport (with two exceptions, winners of the International Saimoe tournament, replaces Ravenwest Motorsport) - Utsuho Reiuji (Touhou Project, Tuner/Touring/Street/Endurance) - Shana Sakai (modeled after Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Open-Wheel/Touring/Endurance) - Fate T. Harlaown (Lyrical Nanoha, Open-Wheel/Touring/Endurance) - Mio Akiyama (K-ON!, Open-Wheel) - Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats!, Tuner) - Hinagiku Katsura (Hayate no Gotoku!, Tuner) - Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Scientific Index, Street) - Kotori Itsuka (Date a Live, Street)
  12. scarl3td3vil

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 1

    The Madoka X Autosport trailer I made last year becomes even funnier when I realize that Codemasters used that name VERY liberally for the Japanese drivers in the original GRID. They were all boys, or at least the ones you could hire teammates are, anyway. Codies, if I ever make a racing game, I am going to make sure you guys will NEVER live it down.
  13. scarl3td3vil

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 1

    I remember distinctly loving Cyborg 009 when Toonami (Cartoon Network) aired that on a regular basis, and was very likely the one that confirmed my enjoyment of anime. I took a long hiatus from anime though, and much of my J-media is primarily video games of anime, manga, or visual novels. The anime that got me back into anime was Initial D, though I stopped watching after Second Stage and dropped the manga after Fourth Stage. I mostly remember ID for the music in the anime, which I love playing in the background while tearing Nathan McKane a new rear axle. The newest anime I've watched, the 2006 remake of the Kanon anime by Kyoto Animation is proof that I'm heavily backlogged, though, as the original visual novel for that is almost 15 years old now. Funny enough, it seems like I get into these things if they have a good racing or fighting game adaptation/spin-off; in the case of Kanon, it was from playing Eternal Fighter Zero; in my interest for Type-Moon's works, it was playing hundreds of hours of Melty Blood with my friends (twin boys, though ironically they never played as either of the maid twin sisters in that game); and for my eternal love for Yuyuko, it was hour after hour of playing Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. I guess you would say I'm into anime-style games. Codemasters, you know what to do to win me back: cute girls racing for every team! Even Ravenwest, unless Yuki Nakamura is intentionally a gender-ambiguous name so I can ship "her" with Nathan McKane! Just kidding... sort of! 
  14. 50/50 between career and online. Loving Endurance and Tuner. Super Modifieds make my heart soar!!!
  15. scarl3td3vil

    Old threads & team profiles

    It is pretty strange that K&N Motorsport didn't get any love, considering (from my experience) that the K&N guys place way higher than any of the Oakley or Kicker scrubs, yet they don't get any team profiles on the Codies Blog.
  16. scarl3td3vil

    Recreation of Real-Life Series in GRID Autosport

    Everything in your list is about right except for this. The Cat-B Tourers are NOT DTM cars, they are V8 Superstars (or Euro V8 Series). Have a look at this Audi: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/37_kNMlApiA/maxresdefault.jpg
  17. scarl3td3vil

    Unlimited flashback. yes or no?

    Honestly, even though I only very rarely use flashbacks in GRID games (and it's probably the same if I get my hands on a F1 game), I see no point in limiting the number of flashbacks. Here's how I learned how to get around some of the awkwardness that comes with Codies' modern games (GRID and after): Did I do something really retarded? Yes? Okay, flashback and remember for future instances what is the right way and what is the wrong way to do that corner. Ten seconds (if that) of waiting for the right place to flashback beats restarting the race and slugging it out through sections I already know. It's also useful for those cases when Ravenwest or Team Kicker's drivers decide it's a good idea to T-bone me into the nearest barrier. I'm a "nearly-hardcore" racing game player, but I think it's silly trying to make the single-player's easiest mode harder for the sake of making it harder. Most of you are probably playing the hardest difficulty these games have to offer anyways, but not everyone is a Ravenwest-stomping ace driver; that's a pretty unfair skill bar to expect newbies to meet.
  18. This is probably the first and only time I'm going to say something.RTAnoskills, I've had bits of light contact happen like what happened in your video in league/organized races before. Quite frankly, yes, he could have avoided you by falling back, sure. But then to promptly slam your opponent into the wall as 'revenge'? Revenge for a minor bump that, for all intents and purposes, did jack squat other than mar your paint job and stick a dent or two in the body work? This isn't about speed or skill, it's about attitudes. Even the best racers bang wheels every now and again; that's just a risk of closely packed racing. It's okay to take a little hit every now and again. If they REALLY wanted to take you out, they would have. Did they? No, they didn't, and looking at how the other guy was racing the others, it wouldn't have been likely. Drive off, move on.
  19. scarl3td3vil

    Guess That Codemasters Thing! (Forum Game)

    I'll take another shot: Is it Micro Machines? It featured a range of off-road vehicle types, all very teeny tiny.
  20. scarl3td3vil

    New tracks on the way

    Donington WAS in GRID 1 though, and Silverstone has been making regular appearances in the F1 games. Surfers Paradise was in TOCA 2 and (I think) 3, but the model would be outdated.
  21. scarl3td3vil

    QOTW: Which is the best DiRT game?

    Dirt 2 had less boring track layouts, therefore it is better than 3. I would've voted Dirt 1 but I didn't find any fun in its driving, and the yellow bloom sunset drama filter is so badly overblown that it's aged really badly.
  22. scarl3td3vil

    Guess That Codemasters Thing! (Forum Game)

    Small. Is it... the iOS/Android remake of Colin McRae Rally?
  23. I am a tiny 5 foot 5 Asian boy and I am greatly offended by your statement.  ;)
  24. scarl3td3vil

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    This would be a great thing to have for Land Rush and Rally Cross. More so the former, since terrain deformation is a big factor when racing those big, heavy V8 powered trucks.
  25. scarl3td3vil

    Guess That Codemasters Thing! (Forum Game)

    Sorry for the long delay guys. I had a bunch of problems logging into the forums, so I couldn't update the riddles with new hints. The answer is supposed to be Trailblazer. Dancing dirty suggests the game series it's in, DIRT.  Trailblazer's cars originally appeared in various Hill Climb categories in the original DIRT, but those that stayed became the new Trailblazer cars in DIRT 2 and DIRT 3. This is what I meant by "been around for a while". Anyone still active in this thread may post a new riddle.