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  1. Will the loot make your character look different?  The key to these games is the loot.  It gives us a desire to return to the world and hunt for items that make us look more unique and feel stronger  So, lots of loot with lots of unique looks and abilities... Is that the case or no?
  2. For the devs... Does the loot change your characters appearance or not? And is there going to be a lot of it to find?  In spite of what people say there aren't enough Diablo clones for console out there at all-- Diablo is the ONLY dungeon crawler with local and online mixed play.  You would LITERALLY be the next in line-- you ARE in fact filling a gap in gaming by doing this, and I for one am really looking forward to this game having potential-- IF the loot system is stellar-- lots of it with lots of unique appearance changes and abilities.  If not then your fan base may be rig
  3. To all the haters-- this is obviously not the only overlord game you're going to get so calm down already. They're seeing if the franchise is viable.  Don't buy this game and expect there not to be another for a long time... Give it a shot and support the company and let your voice be heard at the same time and your odds get much better. 
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