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  1. In the last couple of days we've been receiving reports that players were experiencing save files becoming corrupt. Since then the team have been working tirelessly to not only diagnose the problem but also create a fix. We can now confirm that we have located the cause of this problem and a fix has been created and applied to a patch. This patch is currently undergoing QA tests to ensure that it is working as expected before we deploy it to the live servers. Once this patch has been pushed live we expect those saves that have been corrupted to be 'fixed' and you'll once again be able to carry on your GRID Autosport career where you left off. A big thank you to those Community members that have sent us their corrupt save files, these have been a huge help and have gone a long way to helping us correct this issue. We'll bring you further news closer to the patch deployment time.
  2. While this forum does offer some support, your best point of call is always going to be our dedicated support team. You can email them on:  custserv@Codemasters.com What to provide them: As much info on the problem as possible The format you're playing on Full system specs of your PC (if using one)Be polite, I can't stress this enough!If playing on PC we always recommend you download all the latest drivers and ensure everything is up to date.
  3. One thing we won't tolerate is cheats, and since launch we've already banned a number of people from multiplayer for doing exactly that. It's something that we actively monitor and once someone is found to be cheating, we take action. It's great that you're all quick to help us find those suspected of cheating but it does clog the forum up with new threads and there may be a case that someone gets unfairly banded as a cheat. Please do not name and shame people on the forums.  If you do suspect someone as cheating then please drop us an email, with proof to gridgame@codemasters.com If you do see someone on the leaderboards that doesn't look like they genuinely earned their place, don't worry, they will be dealt with :)
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J4-z2UeitE This is GRID Autosport, this is racing. Set to feature 22 locations including circuits such as Hockenheimring, Mount Panorama, Circuit of the Americas, Intercity Istanbul Park, Circuito Del Jarama, Circuit Mont Tremblant, Red Bull Ring, Sepang International Circuit, Spa-Francorchamps, Yas Marina Circuit, Okutama, Indianapolis, Autosport Raceway, Brands Hatch and Autódromo do Algarve. City tracks are also feature and include; Barcelona, Chicago, Detroit, Dubai, Paris, San Francisco and Washington. In your garage you'll have over 80 cars to choose from, including the Honda Civic Touring Car, a Ford GT40 MK1, Mazda 787B, Lola B05/52 or a McLaren P1™, whatever type of racing you prefer, we've got you covered. Race across five unique disciplines; Touring, Open Wheel, Endurance, Tuner and Street. RaceNet Clubs will allow you to form your own online groups where you can compare progress, compete with other players in the club on a leaderboard, and battle for overall supremacy with other clubs.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J4-z2UeitE
  6. Having launched alongside DiRT Showdown back in 2012, it’s crazy to think that RaceNet is over two years old already. New games have arrived and with each one the service continues to evolve. We’re now on the brink of releasing GRID Autosport to the world, and with it, our best RaceNet support to date. We’ve got a host of great RaceNet features, from the familiar stat tracking to the brand new RaceNet Clubs, which is one feature we think you’re going to absolutely love. But enough talk, let’s dive into the details. ...Read More
  7. Loore

    Autosport at E3

    Just a heads up but Autosport will be at E3 next week. Ill be there with it and as a side effect I'll be slightly out of action and there may be delays in getting back to you. Have no fear though as @justbiglee and @Hatta will be stopping by and helping out around these parts. Regular service will be resumed in a week's time :)
  8. We've spoke a lot about Autosport over the last nine weeks but now it's your turn, we want to hear what you think, the likes, dislikes, what you think we've done well, what you think we could improve upon. While this covers game mechanics and features I'd also be interested in what you think we could have done better in the run up, what did you like about the content we put out, would else would you like to see, what could we do better to improve? Please use this thread for all your GRID Autosport Feedback, we look forward to hearing what you think! (EU players, I know it's hard, but please don't use this thread to curse your North American colleagues, your time is just a few days away)
  9. We’re currently less than a week away from launch, something which is quite hard for us to fathom as it seemed like only yesterday we announced GRID Autosport to the world. The past few months have flown by in an automotive shaped blur. GRID Autosport is now gold around the world, including Japan, and as you read this code is being burned onto discs and subsequently shipped to retailers worldwide. The game is now out of our hands and it’s heading full throttle straight into yours. ...Read More
  10. So here we are, practice is all but done and there’s just a few fleeting moments of qualifying left, we’re on the final lap and copies of GRID Autosport are currently being placed upon the shelves of games retailers worldwide. It seems like yesterday since we first announced GRID Autosport to the world, (April 22nd to be exact), and since then we’ve been detailing every inch of the game. In case you missed anything here’s everything you need to know! ...Read More
  11. PC Patch - 9th July• Nvidia 3D VISION Surround Fix - Improvements in UI interactions when using NVidia 3D Vision. • UI Fix - (French & Portuguese) Online session text updated for easier readability in French & Portuguese languages. • Career Fix - Fixed configuration issues which intermittently caused certain races to use the qualifying results for the starting grid positions rather than the previous race results in reverse. • AMD CrossFire Fix - Resolved graphical issues which could appear during menu transitions when CrossFire is enabled. • Online Fix - Fixed disconnection issues which could potentially cause checkpoint sessions to end prematurely if hosts lose their online connection. • Online Fix - Resolved issues which sporadically caused session length times to cease displaying within the voting screen. • UI Fix - Fixed rare instances of the total points OSD appearing within a drift zone then persisting on race results and rewards screens after drift event. • Nvidia SLI Fix - Fixed flickering menu transition artefacts which occur on certain SLI configurations. • UI Fix - Improved readability in relation to the online player XP scores when playing with 4:3 aspect ratio. • Art Fix - (Paris Track) - Fixed track issues within Paris routes which occurred when playing in ultra low graphical presets. • Online Fix - Resolved issues which could sometimes cause the player to receive damage twice if the online session experienced packet loss. • UI Fix - Improved the event rules messaging text to better differentiate between various online game modes. • Art Fix - Resolved rare track issues which could have caused the player wheels to sink into the ground whilst on certain tracks. • UI Fix - Added a fix to prevent the vehicle avoidance OSD message appearing on screen when the feature is switched off. • UI Fix - Resolved issues which could potentially cause the scoring prompts to stay on during drift games. • Save Game Fix - Fixed a save game corruption issue which could occur over time in specific circumstances. PC Patch - 3rd July Yesterday we released a patch for GRID Autosport that fixes a number of issues. Apologies for the delay in releasing these, moving forward we're putting in place a system that will ensure all patch notes are made public prior to the patch going live.  • Controller Fix - Improved compatibility of Speedlink Darkfire Racing Wheel when using the latest available drivers. • Controller Fix - Resolved instances of players being able to assign incorrect settings on wheel controllers. • Nvidia SLI Fix - Resolved instances of certain SLI configurations causing particle smoke to flicker. • Physics Fix - Fixed rare instances of missing physics on detached pieces of vehicle bodywork. • Graphical Fix - (DX10) - Resolved DirectX10 compatibility issues which caused particle rendering issues on certain PC configurations. • AMD Eyefinity Fix - Improved Eyefinity compatibility within cockpit cams when using the 3X1 configuration. • Nvidia Surround Fix - Improved 3D Vision Surround compatibility within cockpit cams when using a triple monitor configuration. • UI Fix - (Splitscreen) - Fixed instances of the UI displaying incorrect vehicle information. UI Fix - Fixed messaging errors when controllers are disconnected. • Audio Fix - (Splitscreen) - Fixed irregular instances of music cutting out for certain players as eliminations take place. • Online Fix - (Customisation) - Resolved instances of customised wheels not appearing correctly for certain vehicle types. • Online Fix - (Playlist) - Fixed sporadic instances of players transitioning from Endurance to a Race/Time Attack mode then receiving an incorrect UI menu on the voting screen. Online Fix - Fixed messaging issue to inform a player they have been promoted to Lobby Host. • Online Fix - (Custom Cup) - Improved online search messaging regarding max player slots available for online gameplay. • Online Fix – Fixed UI messaging issues in relation to party members not returning to the party lobby. • Art Fix - Resolved vehicle art issues which irregularly caused front bumper parts to not buckle when damaged. Xbox 360 Patch - 24th June // Day 1 • Stability Improvement - Dallara Indycar – Sporadic crashes when loading into events using the Indycar. • Online Fix - Incorrect reference to 'downloadable content' used on when purchasing DLC. • Splitscreen Fix - Text strings updated in event rules screen for all disciplines. • Stability Improvement - Fixed instances of the game entering an unresponsive state after uplink removal whilst completing RaceNet Challenge events. • Stability Improvement - Fixed stability issues when host disconnects during rolling start events. • Stability Improvement - Fixed issues when booting the game with 2 or more pads active, the game giving all control to the "highest numbered" pad. • RaceNet Fix - RaceNet Club names now use verified strings within the online newsfeed and loading screens. • Online Fix - Unavailable tracks are no longer searchable via the online custom search filters. • Online Fix - Fixed instances of total online winnings displaying incorrectly. • Stability Improvement - Fixed instances when title loses functionality when controller is disconnected during inviting a friend to join game play. • Online Fix - Fixed matchmaking issues when players are unable to find a session after initial host left by powering down their console. • Stability Improvement - Remedied instances where players are given a prolonged black screen when entering spectator mode. • Online Fix - Fixed sporadic instances of the “Cancel” button on the YouTube upload screen failing to function. • Splitscreen Fix - Updated drift event rules screen. • Career Fix - (GRID Series) - Remedied instances of the player not being given completed objective rewards. • AI Fix - (Drift) - Fixed several instances where the AI in your heat always earns a score much higher or lower than the AI in every other heat. • Career Fix - Fixed a tuning error when using the s2000 with certain teams in the first season of tuner. • AI Fix - (Spa) - Resolved issues with multiple cars across various classes crashing into RHS wall at Eau Rouge chicane (turn 3). • Art Fix - (Washington) - Fixed blank billboards/flags around track spillage areas where sponsors should have been displayed. • Splitscreen Fix - (OSD) - Fixed instances where the starting sequence countdown for drift is displayed on the wrong screen, with incorrect timing for one player. • Splitscreen Fix - Fixed issue in relation to there being no AI present when racing in splitscreen playlist events. • AI Fix - (Touring) - Resolved instances of AI cars not moving off the starting grid at Mount Panorama. • Online Fix - Buying a car immediately after purchasing a garage slot could cause the car names to be misaligned or missing. • Online Fix - Users were in certain instances unable to "View Vehicle" within vehicle store until first viewing an owned car in a custom livery. • Online Fix - (Eliminator) - Resolved issues related to players who terminally damage will be placed first on the results screen. • Online Fix - Fixed instances of players switching from party mode to another vehicle discipline then having upgrade stats removed from a player's owned car. • Career Fix - Using a flashback whilst corner cutting could result in the lap counter not incrementing. • Online Fix - Resolved sporadic instances of upgrading an owned vehicle also upgrading the loan version. • Online Fix - Fixed some instances of vehicle models not correctly loading for party mode vehicle classes that have multiple vehicles. • Online Fix - Fixed select tooltip persisting on screen during online sessions if the user is on the confirm repair screen as the pre-race timer expires. • RaceNet Fix – Resolved issues related to the “best lap time” ghost car using a default livery rather than the player’s custom livery. • Online Fix - Fixed instances of viewing another players stats causing the user to receive the wrong race winnings. • RaceNet Fix - Players are told they are 'Signing out of RaceNet' when returning to the Press Start screen after purchasing DLC. • Career Fix - (Street) - Some players were not awarded the team target bonus for Cup objectives when driving for Ravenwest. • AI Fix - (Drift) - Very easy AI in quarter and semi final heats will always have medium level difficulty scores. • Career Fix - (Drift) - Fixed sporadic instances of "Drive X km in a Drift event" sponsor objective giving an impossibly high figure. Steam Patch - 24th June // Day 1 • Stability Improvement - Vehicle selection menu - In some cases, the game has been seen to crash during extended periods of inactivity within the selection screen. • Stability Improvement - Dallara Indycar – Sporadic crashes resolved when loading into events using the Indycar. • Track Fix – A texture update for Hockenheim circuit when being used within RaceNet challenge events. • Career Fix - Tuner sponsor “Corbeau” objective contains debug text • AI Fix - Fixed instances of AI controlling the player’s car after a terminal damage sequence. • Career Fix – In some cases, not awarded the team target bonus for Cup objective when driving for Ravenwest. • Career Fix – Fix to calculation of “Longest Session” statistic. • RaceNet Fix- Player is able to use a secondary profile club tag and livery. • Career Fix – Viewing replay sessions in drift mode shows the player car driving erratically. • Online Fix – In some cases using a flashback in an online race will not repair damage to steering. • Career Fix - If a player skips past the rewards screen in a multi event race, on occasion the last 5 AI can be listed 8th place and having earned 0 points. • AI Fix – Instances of players not being able to terminal damage AI in demolition derby. • Balancing Fix - Collision penalty can be rewarded inconsistency between drift tracks. • Eyefinity Fix - Grass is not drawn on outer edges of the screen, observed in 3x1 • UI Fix – (Demolition Derby) Eliminated AI information flashes back up on-screen after the game is paused and resumed. • Vehicle Fix - Terminally damaged car wheels can lose collision and clip through the car. • Replay Fix - Replay bar clips off screen when resolution is set to 4:3 (480p). • AI Fix - (Mount Panorama) Indycar AI have trouble navigating turn 1. • Career Fix - In-race sponsor objectives are misaligned • Online Fix - Party lobby contained a Vehicle and a Points column. • Online Fix - There was no message to inform a player they had been promoted to Lobby Host. • Online Fix - No Impact Ratings displayed on the “Waiting For Players” table after selecting Race from the Service Area. • Online Fix - A player that is timed out/DNF does not have their clean races stat increment, despite being awarded for a clean race on rewards. • Career Fix - One to watch lists fastest lap stat as 10 higher than the users actual stat. • Career Fix - (Grid Order) Previous race results or previous race reversed grid orders incorrect for first race. • Career Fix - “Quarter” and “semi final” in top right OSD is cut-off in drift sessions after having previously been in a race. • Career Fix - DRIFT - CUSTOM CUP - C2 - Penalty sometimes missing when hitting obstacles during drift • Online Fix – (Custom Livery) Highlighting a new wheel and cancelling can cause the default wheel set to load incorrectly/merge.
  12. When we think of Street Racing we can’t help succumbing to a wave of nostalgia as we reminisce about races we had around the likes of San Francisco and Washington in Race Driver: GRID. The good news is that GRID Autosport looks set to forge similar memories as both locations make a return alongside Chicago, Dubai, Paris and Barcelona. To complete the package you’ll we’ve got a great selection of cars just waiting for you to get behind the wheel and tear up the city streets. There are a number of classics such as the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo 2 or BMW E30 Sport Evo all the way up to the modern day hypercars such as the McLaren P1™ and Pagani Zonda Revolución. Throw in some hot hatches, Coupes and Grand Tourers and there’s something in the Autosport garage that’ll satisfy many needs. ..Read More
  13. The early stages of a new game project are always exciting, it’s the point where all the ideas meetings happen and we discuss what tracks and cars we want to include.  This is where THE LIST comes into play.  We all have one, that wish list of tracks or cars that we’d love to see brought to life in the next project. ...Read More
  14. ROAD TRIP! The estate is ready to roll, the bbq and dog are in the back, the windows are down and the system is up – next stop the MCM London Comic Con! If you’re heading down to London this weekend then we’d love you to swing by Stand 441 (Look for Bandai Namco) where you’ll be able to get your hands on every single one of GRID Autosport’s Disciplines. So what can I play?Touring Cars at HockenheimStreet Race at San FranciscoOpen Wheel Race at JaramaEndurance Race at SepangDrift Event at Yas .MarinaIf you do get to come join us, we’d love to hear what you think, simply drop us a tweet with your thoughts to @gridgame. All the other details over on the blog!
  15. The list of supported wheels and controllers is now available over on the blog.
  16. Loore

    Team KICKER

    You’ll see Team KICKER place strongly in the more traditional Motorsports of Touring, Endurance and Open Wheel disciplines. They are the team most likely to give Ravenwest a run for their money in these styles of racing, and you’ll need a proven record of success before they’ll make you an offer. If you’re fortunate enough to race for them, they come with great tuning and upgrade options on their vehicles, and can really give you the platform for driver and team standings success. ...Read More
  17. Multiplayer, as ever, is a huge focus for us and today we’re going to take a look at what we’re confident is our deepest and most rewarding multiplayer game yet.   To deliver the depth and longevity that we want you to enjoy from the online multiplayer side of the game, we’ve created a separate progression system that is distinct from the Career. However, the structure is similar to what you will find throughout the rest of the game – five Disciplines of racing, each providing a distinct experience, but now with the added challenge of going wheel-to-wheel with other players from around the world. There are a lot of features that we are excited to tell you about, like Playlists, Custom Cups, RaceNet Challenge and many more, but for the moment we’d like to focus on two important cornerstones that set the scene for the whole of GRID Autosport’s Multiplayer experience – the cars, and the racing. ...Read More
  18. Since we announced GRID Autosport one of the most common questions that’s been popping up has been in relation to wheel and controller support. Today we’re pleased to confirm the full list of supported wheels and controllers, for all platforms; PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. For the full list, head on over to the blog.
  19. With GRID Autosport going for a more authentic feel, we’ve added several new features to our mechanical damage, as well as improving existing features. As a result of this, the impact of mechanical damage in the game is much more severe than in previous GRID titles and will change your strategy when it comes to racing. ..Read More
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wtiCgjULZw
  21. Loore

    The Black Edition

    One of the key bits of feedback we took from GRID 2 was that you didn’t care for a wide spread of pre-order bonuses, you wanted something more simple, tracks were a no-go and most importantly, you wanted something that wouldn’t fragment the Community itself. All these thoughts were taken into account when devising the GRID Autosport pre-order offering, so, with this in mind we’d like to introduce you to the Black Edition. ...Read More
  22. Yesterday you may have seen the list of tracks that we confirmed as being in the game and today it’s time to confirm the cars. Whether you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a Honda Civic Touring Car, a Ford GT40 MK1, Mazda 787B, Lola B05/52 or a McLaren P1™ we’ve got you covered. On with the list! ...Read More
  23. With so much content dropping so fast I thought it would be worth while keeping track of things, the internet is a big place and things do get lost easily. Info and Features Announcement Info Assists and Options Achievement List Minimum and Recommended Specs Supported Wheels and Controllers The Damage of GRID Autosport Online Discipline Progression and Game ModesOnline Racing and Vehicle Progression Discipline Focus TouringEnduranceBehind the Scenes The Handling Chronicles  Team Reveals Ravenwest Returns Oakley Motorsport Team KICKER  Location Spotlights San Francisco – The Return Sepang – A Night to Remember Yas Marina – VFX Magic Jarama - Summertime Racing Pre-Order Bonus Black Edition  Weekly Updates Week 1 - The #GRIDCLUB Edition Week 2 – Three Day Weekend Week 3 – Back in Black Week 4 - #TeamScone  Trailers Announcement Trailer Black Edition Trailer GameplayJarama // Open Wheel via Gamersyde (Stream and Download, 1080/60)