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    Grid Autosport 2?

    Maybe one day, it'd be a shame for 'new gen' to not get a slice of GRID...one day maybe.
  2. Loore

    xbox one

    Nothing just yet :)
  3. Loore

    Welcome back TOCA

    Thanks :)
  4. Loore

    Online Playlist

  5. Technical reasons I'm told.
  6. Loore

    Online Playlist

    Not for consoles at this time, sorry. Care to  elaborate on that? Surely it's just a case of changing a few values in a table. Any possibility in the future? It was looked at but the extra memory required is 'outside of budget', we don't want any more leaks :) We never say never but it is unlikely at this time.
  7. Loore

    Online Playlist

    Not for consoles at this time, sorry.
  8. Loore

    My public apology.

    Happy racing :)
  9. Loore

    13mb update 02/12/14

    One does not simply walk into...wait, no that's not right. Glad to hear everything seems to be holding up :)
  10. Best bet is to email custserv@codemasters.com 
  11. Loore

    13mb update 02/12/14

    Good to hear the patch has had positive effects for everyone :) Please do let me know how it performs in the long term.
  12. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    Sorry guys, been on my death bed the last few days so missed the patch arrival. From what I've read and been told it looks like all systems go in terms of a lack of freezing?
  13. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    Sorry all, I've nothing to add regarding any potential free DLC. It is something that I've passed onto the team but as of now, don't have anything to add on that front.
  14. 27th November - Xbox 360 Community Gift – In addition to the included fix,  we will gift an additional 500,000 credits to players when this patch is applied. The gift is described below - Gift functionality : We will be offering this to all players when patch 4 is initially applied. This caters for both old saves from patch 3 being upgraded to patch 4. As well as fresh saves created under patch 4 (fresh saves will receive 1,000,000). That way we cover all the players that have had issues as well as helping any news ones get started in the game. This will naturally prevent abuse as a save game can only be upgraded to a particular patch once. Online stability fix – With the aid of our online community we have resolved issues which caused online sessions to intermittently freeze and occasionally crash as the sessions progressed past 20-30 races. The fix specifically fixes memory leaks which caused the issue as well as minor adjustments to the usage of system RAM to further bolster stability in all situations. Note: This patch is currently in submission with Microsoft. All going well, the release will follow shortly.
  15. Please see above, I've posted twice in this thread already. Further update on this: we're currently in the process of pushing a hotfix to the website, all going well should be fixed shortly :)
  16. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    The patch has been submitted to Microsoft :)
  17. We're working on a (website) patch for this now, with the aim to get it out as soon as possible. This is a display problem on the RaceNet site, it doesn’t affect the leaderboards or the data stored for clubs on the back-end. Once the fix goes live everything will be back to normal, and until then the clubs feature is still safe to use in-game.
  18. I'll flag this with the RaceNet team.
  19. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    @SASBlink‌ - Yes, our internal QA. We'll be getting it over to Microsoft ASAP, who will then push it through their own QA process (expect around a week for this bit all going to plan). I'll keep you updated as things progress.
  20. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    Only what I said last week, it's currently going through our internal QA process and is nearing completion. I'm hoping we'll have more of an update today/tomorrow.
  21. Loore


    Two cars with the same condition % will have the same performance, but one with higher mileage will wear out quicker. Any terminal crashes on a car’s history will permanently reduce its value. There’s no definitive answer to when you should replace a car (it depends on how well you can drive and look after it) – just whenever you feel that the maintenance costs are getting too high.
  22. Loore

    Soooooooo Pc gets demolition derby?

    Demo derby is also on Xbox 360 and PS3, has been since day one :)
  23. Loore

    Looking for players

    Enough, keep the petty squabbles out of the forums, if you don't particular like another forum user then the best course of action is to simply ignore them. I'm a big fan of the saying; if you've got nothing constructive to say, it's perhaps best not saying anything at all.
  24. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    Flashback to October 24th. I'm assuming these were the early postive signs from QA Loore referred to 4 weeks ago. It's a different patch, we thought we had it fixed but sadly not.