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    GAS Freezing

    It's too address the freeze issue only. If we start adding extra fixes in at this time then that complicates the whole testing process and we would also run the risk of adding to the problem, instead of fixing it. Our primary focus right now is getting the freezing issue fixed.
  2. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    Update: The patch is still going through our internal QA process. As you can imagine, it's something we absolutely want to ensure is fixed before we release any patch. As soon as we're confident that it's fixed we'll be submitting it to Microsoft. Early signs through QA are positive, but we just want to give it some more testing before we send it for release. I'm hoping I'll have more info for you soon, and as soon as I do - I'll let you know.
  3. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    Absolute rubbish, stop your trolling.  Afraid I don't have any further updates, I have given the team a prod and will let you know as soon as I hear anything. Listen @Loore - How am I trolling?   Im a paying customer!  Im commenting in the GAS freezing thread.   Nice to see how you single ME out,  @Kimdurose doesnt get publically called a troll, by the Codemaster Community Manager.  Neither do the other people not happy about your game.   Why do you need to give the team a prod?   Are they working on other things by any chance?  Forgotten about the old 360?  Its not good enough that you dont have any further updates!   GO AND GET SOME!  All you do is spam your reply of "nothing to report yet".    Well done!  You manage the paying community with respect.   You say im trolling, yet there is no patch.  You have no information to give your disgruntled customers.  Other than "stop trolling"  Well HEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! FIX YOUR DAMN GAME.  YOU MADE IT,  YOU SOLD IT AS WORKING.   Im sorry im not a fanboy who has a brown nose,  You not doing a very good job, and someone needs to tell you.  CONSTANTLY! If you dont like that, then try making a game that works.  I didnt sell you the game as working,  YOU sold it to me.   Why dont you just start banning all your paying customers who complain.  That way people with their own free will, wont be able to play your games, and you can just have a community of people willing to accept your nonsense.  PAYING CUSTOMER! PAYING CUSTOMER! PAYING CUSTOMER! Shoot yourself in the feet some more CM.  This thread has been emailed to OXM magazine.   Searching other Xbox magazines to email this to right now.   Codemasters want to treat paying customers like a dog doo do,  Ill do my best to help out with your image.   I do speak to others, but your attitude throughout the entire forum is moving over into the realms of trolling. I understand you're unhappy, totally get that and fully appreciate it. But snide comments on every thread you post in, alongside totally untrue statements such as "It's not being repaired though. They just say it is." is not helping anyone. The number of abuse and spam reports alongside your name doesn't go in your favour and they are not from 'us', they are from your peers amongst the Community. I dropped the team a note this morning to ask if there was any update, to answer your question - yes, people are working on other stuff. That's how game development works. The bulk of the team will work on a new project while a sub section will continue to work on any patches / dlc / updates etc for their previously released game. As I've mentioned numerous times, there is still a team working on this issue but unfortunately it's proving to be incredibly difficult to fix. Would you prefer I say nothing at all? If I've got nothing to say then I'll at least tell you that, primarily because at least then you (and others) can still see the issue is being talked about and discussed, still on our minds. But I'm pretty sure if you got a wall of silence that wouldn't go down well at all, which is evident when I'm away from the forums for any length of time. We have never banned a player just because they've complained, and likely never will.
  4. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    Absolute rubbish, stop your trolling.  Afraid I don't have any further updates, I have given the team a prod and will let you know as soon as I hear anything.
  5. Hi all, just a heads up but there's a fix currently going through QA that should hopefully rectify this. No data has been lost for anyone affected by this bug, your scores have been recorded correctly, and once the fix goes live all your event scores will show up as normal. We'll keep you posted :)
  6. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    Further update on this, the team are currently testing a patch. I'll bring you more news as soon as I have it :)
  7. Loore

    To PC users

    There is great thread over on the off-topic section for PC building and such, could be worth having a look in there: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/75/the-pc-thread/p1
  8. Loore

    Demoman free DLC on steam ( New DLC for GAS)

    Fun fact, Interlagos was scheduled to be in the game but unfortunately it just didn't transpire. Shame, as it's phenomenal to drive around :( Glad to hear you're enjoying the Demoman pack :)
  9. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    Don't have any further updates at this time unfortunately. @Loore... I don't want to have a go a you guys, I want you to make brilliant games (which you have with GAS) that we're able to play with NO game breaking issues (which where xbox and GAS are concerned you haven't delivered). We're 5 weeks into the freezing issue now.  2 weeks ago you told us the patch was with Q&A but we're still waiting.  It feels like CM just don't give a damn about this situation and that you probably think of us as "moaning minnies" but how many ppl in the CM office would be happy with this if they were in our shoes? If we're unable to get a solution please just don't leave the game in this state for any longer.  Is it possible to revert back to how the game was before the last patch? The freezing issue is very frustrating but one of my main concerns is that the game is haemorrhaging players and there'll be no one left online before long.  Many people are also saying they won't be buying any more of your games because of all the problems.  I don't want that to happen and I'm sure you guys don't either. Please prioritise this and get it sorted asap before we completely lose faith in CM. It went into QA, who found that it wasn't fixed. As such we're busy crawling through code looking to identify the exact cause.  Rolling back patches is not something that we're discussing right now, that would have a number of potential issues associated with it.
  10. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    Don't have any further updates at this time unfortunately.
  11. Loore

    How to contribute XP to racenet club

    It has to be the club livery, once you've joined a club you should see it in your list of liveries. Edit: There's a nice guide on club liveries over on the Steam forums: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=279761694
  12. Loore

    Save Game Corrupt

    Can you email me the save file? gridgame@codemasters.com? Thanks :)
  13. 4th November - PC We've just pushed live a hotfix that looks to address the crashes people have been experiencing since the last patch.
  14. Loore


    Right.... Over the last few weeks this forum has gradually been getting worse and worse, and now resembles something like a school playground. There's been constant attacks on both sides of the fence and quite frankly, they have to stop. You may be unhappy with the game, may not like another forum user or may just be having a bad hair day, that doesn't give you the right to lay into someone on the forum. This thread is an example of how a discussion will always spiral out of control, instead of me getting updates from the team, reporting feedback and stuff like that, a lot of it lately is being spent babysitting the forum, waiting for the next war to erupt, it stops now.
  15. Loore

    Codemasters blame xbox live

    No, it's a weekend, office is closed. As soon as there's an update I'll let you know.
  16. Loore

    PC: GRID Autosport Steam VR Support

    We'll see what we can do :)
  17. 30th October - PC We'll shortly be releasing a new patch, which includes both the improved playlists and rear view mirror. The patch is currently being prepared and will be ready for download shortly. Change Log Online Fix - Improved variety of gameplay combinations available within the playlists to enrich the experience. Community Requested Feature - Rear View Mirror - Added the rear view mirror functionality to the graphical options.  Steam Fix - Added steam launch option for touch enabled features.Please note, due to the inclusion of rear view mirror you may find that you have to re-enter your graphic options.
  18. Loore

    this week's racenet.com challenge

    We can't use DLC content sadly, agree though - would be great :)
  19. Loore

    Grid Autosport

    This is correct :)
  20. Loore

    this week's racenet.com challenge

    Unfortunately we can't do street on COTA, otherwise we would have :)
  21. Loore

    GAS Freezing

    We're still working on the patch, attempting to fix it 100%. Don't have an exact date right now sadly.
  22. Loore

    this week's racenet.com challenge

    I wrote yesterday an idea for the Yas marina cicuit and Abu Dabi...but maybe is too soon after this other F1 GP. Here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3979/racenet-repeats-again#latest Salute. We can't do double rewards, I'd love too and is something we're looking at for future titles but not possible just yet :) Yas is a good idea, can do some nice drifting there for Tuner as well.
  23. Loore

    this week's racenet.com challenge

    Out of curiosity, would anyone else like to see regular themed challenges taking place? If so, let me have your ideas :)
  24. Loore

    Microsoft with gas

    We're looking to patch the 360 to fix the freeze issue, although it's quite common for a regular support representative to not know the finer details about patches etc