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  1. Walsh89

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    Got through to Russia season 2 now and as others have mentioned progression becomes too fast once departments are upgraded to spec 2 and above. After major upgrades on the front and rear wings my car has become easily the fastest car. In Singapore I won by 13 seconds cruising, admittedly I don't think Singapore is a strong track for the AI but the performance of the car was a big reason. Performance has been really close between my car and Mercedes for quite a while, since around Monaco. Prior to Monaco the Mercs had won all six races. Since Monaco me and Russell have won 8 races out of 10 with Mercedes taking the other two wins. Due to the Mercedes consistently finishing between 2nd and 4th for most of the races they still comfortably lead the constructors but I'm now only 27 points behind Hamilton in the drivers and with a pretty dominant car. The only thing that could change things is multiple reg changes for the new season but as my car is already the best I've been saving up all R&D points since the email came through ready to adapt whichever parts are required. Season 1 really felt like a battle to gradually move your way up the grid but season 2 has been too easy to progress.
  2. Walsh89

    Bug or normal?

    Also noticed this and it is quite annoying. I'm not sure either if it is a bug or by design. I've had to change my livery up a little to allow red sponsor logos so that the race suit matches when ideally I would have the white sponsor logos on the car and race suit but yeah always comes up as yellow on the race suit. Even tried making the sponsor logos light grey in the hope the game will recognise that colour on the race suit but still changes to yellow.
  3. Walsh89

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    The team acclaim does seem to make a pretty significant difference in payouts yes. For example the goal bonus for the season with Slingshot was originally around 4.3 million and after the acclaim was built up over the season to level 12 it turned out that I got 12.6 million. The weekly income and race by race goal bonuses also increase a decent bit as well so I would say investing in the marketing department is worth it to build the acclaim quicker. I only have spec 1 currently and the acclaim level has stayed at around 15 for a while now and won't really increase so seems I need to go up to spec 2 at least to move towards level 20 for the fifth sponsor.
  4. Walsh89

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    Progress definitely starts slow with the facilities on 0 but does speed up once you build up the facilities to Spec 2. For the first half of the season my team was around 8th-10th in the vehicle performance comparison and I couldn't really progress faster than the AI midfield teams. I focused on marketing to improve acclaim faster and then upgraded all departments to spec 1 over the season. By the last third of the season I was able to compete in the midfield and regularly got points over the last 6 or so races(22 race season). On the comparison chart the car was showing as best of the rest although still very much a midfield team. After using the sponsor goal bonus and performance bonus before the new season to get the aero and chassis departments to spec 2 I've been able to bring updates faster, including the ability to rush development (with higher failure chance). Now I'm showing as second in the performance comparison(by round 4) just ahead of Red Bull and Ferrari although it's very close so performance varies from track to track but the results have been solid. I signed Russell as second driver and so far we have finished 5th and 6th in Aus, 6th and 14th(wing damage for Russell) in Bahrain, 6th and 7th in Vietnam, 4th and 8th in China, 4th and 5th in Zandvoort. Currently sat third in the constructors ahead of Red Bull. Feels good to finally be able to compete towards the front although it's still tough to beat Mercedes who are completely dominant. Also great to have a teammate that has good pace. I've been playing on 105 throughout and seems well balanced with Russell out qualifying me 4-1 so far, 3 of which by less than half a tenth. Last season it was easy against my teammate so enjoying the challenge. Main thing I think to focus on is choosing sponsor goals that are achievable in the first season to allow you to maximise income. I didn't go for the highest payouts just the ones with goals that I could do every race such as completing all practice programmes, completing a clean race, top 12 etc... That along with upgrading the marketing department up to spec 1 allowed me to build the team acclaim faster to improve income further and overall seems to be going well now. Still a long way to go to match Mercedes but potentially in season 3 if all goes well should be competing for the constructors championship. Bit of an essay, long story short it speeds up over time lol.
  5. Walsh89


    CM are really being challenged by the teams this year. They managed to get the Williams livery updated prior to release and now Mercedes have changed as well. Hoping that as with Williams CM have had the information about Mercedes changing the livery for a while and they are able to update it for release. On the livery itself, I like it with the black contrasting with the Petronas green really well.