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  1. Walsh89


    CM are really being challenged by the teams this year. They managed to get the Williams livery updated prior to release and now Mercedes have changed as well. Hoping that as with Williams CM have had the information about Mercedes changing the livery for a while and they are able to update it for release. On the livery itself, I like it with the black contrasting with the Petronas green really well.
  2. Walsh89

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    Australia: 106 China, Spain, Monaco, Canada, Austria, Silverstone, Hockeheim, Hungary, Spa, Monza, Singapore, Russia, Brazil: 105 Bahrain, Suzuka, Mexico, USA, Abu Dhabi: 104 Baku, Paul Ricard: 103 Majority of tracks I'm at 105 and then a few at 104 where I'm a little weaker. Baku and Paul Ricard are definitely the toughest tracks with the AI being very strong, especially sector 3 at Paul Ricard. Also find the AI balanced between qualifying and race. I run short qualifying and always drive out and drive back to pits to avoid any simulated lap times from the AI. That gives it more balance between quali and the race in my opinion as the AI don't end up with crazy fast laps in quali on the sim and then they could appear slower in the race.
  3. Walsh89

    Your first F1 game

    First one for me was Ayrton Senna Super Monaco GP on the Megadrive...then it was Formula 1 on PS1 which was based off the 95 season if I remember it right. Spent a lot of hours on that one.