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  1. Hey guys!

    Probably some of you met with this 4 years ago. 4 years have gone, a lot of things have changed, new softwares came, old ones gone, and it's time to make another survey. :)

    If you have 2 minutes free time, please fill out the following form. The survey is fully anonym, so you don't need any e-mail address. You can find the form here:

    Survey about simracing & habits - 2018

    The results will be available for everyone. This is NOT an academical survey, it's just a simple survey, which is started by my curiosity. (And as I got a lot of feedbacks from the previous years, people are curious about this topic too.)

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    The closing date of the survey is: 30th September 2018.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help! :)

  2. Just a question, because I'm curious: why did the developers called the Scandinavian flick the 'pendulum turn'? :) I know that you can call it as 'pendulum', but I think in rallying the expression of 'Scandinavian flick' is more common than the 'pendulum'. 

  • I will be honest: I don't want to see Lefebvre in the WRC in the following year. He won the WRC3 last year in interesting circumstances (if my informations are correct), and he something very similar happened with in this year in the WRC2 category - just before Citroen put him into the WRC category.

    Instead of Lefebvre, I would like to see Sebastien Chardonnet in the WRC! :)

    My lineup:
    - VW: Ogier/Latvala/Mikkelsen
    - Citroen: Meeke/Ostberg
    - Hyundai: Neuville/Sordo & Paddon/Abbring
    - M-Sport: Evans/Tänak
    - M-Sport "B": Breen/Lappi or Tidemand

  • Hello!

    I've got some HTTP 500.0 error when I wanted to open the dirtgame.com website. (And as I read, not I'm the only one who have this problem.)

    Yesterday evening, I couldn't be able to open the site from smartphone; now it's ok from smartphone, but still not good from PC.
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