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  1. ...and now you can't even join the new Demolition Derby races if the host has any other DLC that you do not currently own. CodeWasters, please consider getting out of the gaming business.  Look into blu-ray disk repair, dentistry (even in the UK) or nursing.  
  2. Waited an hour on UK-London servers to play this.  Nobody joined.  Great job, as always, CodeWasters.
  3. many racing games don't have mirrors many games (not just racing) have bugs and network issues many games have even more rip-off DLCs people are never happy nowdays... This is the kind of fanboy apologist thinking that keeps this nonsense going.  Seriously, how many excuses are you planning on making for this kind of crap?
  4. LOL.  I'll try to pass on your responses to the guy who actually posted the video. While I'm there, I'll ask what he was thinking when buying more of this silly DLC for a game that still has huge network issues and no f'ing mirrors! 
  5. ...and so it begins with Drag Racing.  My God, CodeWasters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgsXr4v3SPE
  6. Recycled game that suffered from same problems as earlier installments including, but not limited to, corrupt games and fragmenting DLC.  Little to no thought given to improving the user experience which is characterized by endless lobbies, menus and insufferable wait times.   Uninspired "template game making" at its worst.  R.I.P CodeWasters.
  7. Which is the bigger failure? GRID 2 or GRID AutoSport?  I'd argue that it's AutoSport given that known problems have been repeated, menus and lobbies are even more insufferable and there aren't even any fookin' mirrors for the cars! LMAO! Codemasters may be the first developer to actually troll its customers.
  8. Yup.  I still need to use UK - London or Spain and Portugal instead of US - Los Angeles if I wish to find any significant amount of players. Unlike before, I'm getting disconnects from races.  So this little patch improved nothing and introduced new problems. Go Code"masters!"
  9. In order to meet the obligation that the Season Pass provide savings over the individual purchase of eight DLC packs, Codemasters realized that it has only two remaining DLC packs and therefore needed to jack up the price to provide an artificial "savings" for those who purchased the Season Pass. It demonstrates a lack of planning, forethought or even common sense.
  10. Owners of the Sprint Pack are now being excluded from custom playlists featuring this DLC pack apparently due to the fact that the host also owns other DLC that may not even be featured in that particular session. Codemasters, you screwed up the DLC in GRID 2 and you have done it again with GRID AutoSport.  Is this incompetence or deliberate TROLLING of your customer base?  
  11. I Agree, unfortunately i don't have xbox1 or ps4 to play with PROJECT CARS too bad! Project Cars will run in Windows and be available on Steam.  Check their FAQ. http://www.projectcarsgame.com/faq.html
  12. $13 for a DLC pack? Codemasters... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqQD4dzVkwk
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