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    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    Yeah i have a Fanatec CSW2 and the forcefeedback feels very disconnected from the physics. Maybe the physics are great and realistic, but i can´t feel it in the wheel.  - No Feeling of weight transfer. Should lighten up when accelerating and has to be stronger when braking. - Why is the FFB so damped and strong when countersteering? Feels disconnected and unprecise - On little jumps the ffb should lighten completly and in depressions you should feel a higher resistance - Why is the ingame wheel shaking and i can´t feel anything of that in my FFB wheel? These effects are completly faked because the physics should effect my forcefeedback and only when my wheel shakes, the ingame wheel should shake with it!!! Those canned fake effects are an absolutely no-go in a simulation. There have to be more options for FFB in the menus As he said, Graphics are really good and sounds are one of the best of all racing games. I would say the biggest issue you have to work on is the FFB