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  1. No, we're getting games designed for POPCORN PLAYERS instead :joy:
  2. Now that looks awesome. Can't wait for the next season to start!
  3. So guys while we are all thrilled about the new Swedish stages and two new awesome cars, I really think the Codemasters' sound team deserves some recognition too :) The awesome sounds of the new cars, the louder exhaust bangs and a anti-lag system which now works also when using partial throttle, and the all new crowd sounds (which are truly incredible) are all things that should be given more attention in my opinion! It's just incredible how top-quality work a team consisting of three guys can do.
  4. I know the answer already but I'll give @soundfx the honor to tell the answer :joy:
  5. Well, sh!t. Now you know two poor souls.
  6. What's your connection speed? I guess 7 MB/s. (Download speed from Steam I mean)
  7. Sadly I didn't get the VIP status even though I'm a community tester and have actually done quite a few world records (which have likely been beaten nowadays but anyway...) :(
  8. This might be useful for the devs to fight against such idiotism: https://youtu.be/TKIH7su_lQE Hopefully being able to download that tool of black magic will eventually cause it to be banned.
  9. So, you guys might remember that I gave you a screenshot of the "Flying Finland" update before it was released. I'm really sorry about the bad image quality back then. I think it's better this time. Enjoy! :)
  10. I'm still not buying that cover as being authentic. There's a 2015 WRC car in it and, as far as I know, no chances of getting one so... World is full of surprises... :)
  11. http://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/661129428207075328?s=09
  12. If that's the case, maybe we can start calling that update as... ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Monday Masters.
  13. I didn't think the paddle shift came until '99? The S5 was the first car with paddle shift, wasn't it?  And was it really a single paddle?! You are right @tbtstt , my bad @bogani yes it was, I don't think they used dual-paddle like formula 1 in WRC competition (they might have tested it, but in a full rally ? not sure) for the simple reason that the steering lock is higher than in formula 1 (I think that F1 have at most 240 ? not sure but it's low enough to make it work with the paddles on the steering wheel.) While it's 540 for most modern rallycars, although it might be a bit hi
  14. Nope and nope to both of you :) One of you two got one thing correct but I'll leave it for you to figure out what it is lol (Also, I really have to end this here or @KickUp will come and tell me "100 over crest outta this forum"! :p )
  15. Sorry for low quality! (This is a actual screenshot from DiRT Rally with a little filter :wink: Guess the car and stage! lol) It's a rally car and a rally stage, right?? You are on the right track :)
  16. Sorry for low quality! (This is a actual screenshot from DiRT Rally with a little filter :wink: Guess the car and stage! lol)
  17. We have been driving some flying cars today. You can't say you don't like flying cars!
  18. Gimme gimme gimme Finland after midnight... Hopefully you'll get the reference :-)
  19. No, you aren't. I really don't like the look of the rear either.
  20. I guess it gets released on the last week of the month just like every other pack so far.
  21. You can contact me right h... I mean, I have absolutely no idea... ;) Try searching them from Reddit? ;)
  22. Time to start advertising DiRT Rally! haha http://twitter.com/JJBruce_/status/628555700067766272
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