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  1. Alright, here are few pics from Ouninpohja (SS4 & SS8) taken on Friday :) Sorry for the quality...
  2. Thanks, will do! :) This year one day there is enough after sleeping two nights in a car last year! If I remember, I'll try to get some pictures there but I can't guarantee them to be that great in quality because I'll take them with my phone if I took any (although my Galaxy Note 4 camera is quite great) :smiley: 
  3. Tomorrow (or today in Finland already) I'm going to watch some flying there: ;) Btw if you're wondering, B is the start and A is the finish but I accidentally made them the wrong way in Google Maps haha
  4. https://www.facebook.com/SLRallyEvo/videos/619959091479767/ Why are they (Milestone) even trying...? :neutral: 
  5. See @Arguriou? This stuff is arcade. ARCADE! And it's for POPCORN PLAYERS.
  6. Now they're less drunk than last weekend so they can be active here :p
  7. Should be here any minute now :) (after he's done his daily rant on DiRT Rally)
  8. https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/617742252434046976
  9. Rygge airport in Norway is the best/cheapest way to get to the area of Rally Sweden and the rallycross location. I suspect they're driving over the border. Just don't do it too many times in a weekend or you get tracked by customs officials, in my experience! Yeah seems like they're driving over the border. They even got a speeding fine already in Normay :D Lee released this tweet: https://twitter.com/justbiglee/status/616322499782049792 Of course I had to try to guess the fine: https://twitter.com/JJBruce_/status/616325249244753920 And guess who won :p  https://twitter.com/j
  10. I would really like to be in since I was in from the beginning with pCARS 1 (and for example the "Team Madness" logo in Career mode is made by me ;) ) but damn, I really don't have 70€ to spend. Kinda crazy that 70€ is the lowest option available whereas it was 10€ with pCARS 1. Yeah, I understand that they're taking a bit different route with "tool packs" this time, but still... Just sad that I can't be part of it anytime soon :(
  11. Actually you're right about the proportions.. When really looking at it, it looks like it should be lower and wider. Compare these: SLRE: http://sebastienloebrallyevo.com/wp-content/uploads/SLRE_Citroen_Xsara_2003_01.jpg Real: http://bestcars.uol.com.br/carros/walpaper3/Citroen_Xsara_WRC_2004_Loeb_1024.jpg Or maybe we're just blind haha :wink: 
  12. Still waiting for the update made me think that I would like more information from Codemasters regarding updates/patches. It would be great if they could inform us, if not everyday then at least every second day, about the state of the updates. The way you released the early access version of DiRT Rally worked fine as "it's out guys, have fun" but I personally would like to be a bit more informed about how the updates are coming along now we actually have access to the game :) Just something that came to my mind :)
  13. Hmm still no update... I'm getting worried we're not getting it today :D If it doesn't come, my Monday is ruined lol
  14. Turns out its not broken, its just to do with your brake strength setting (turn up the strength and they'll behave as expected). We are looking to improve it though when we do our next full handling pass on the cars. Ahh ok, so this has nothing to do with wheelspin when accelerating? no. What is your issue with the wheelspin? In my opinion there should be more wheelspin and the revs should be high when there's wheelspin and then lower after the car finds grip again. (like said in that one thread which name I don't remember now... Can't really say the above more precisely due to my lac
  15. Sadly it's back up without any surprises :(
  16. Is there plans to make the virtual steering wheel to turn more than 180 degrees? I really hope that in future every car would have real steering degrees and the game would automatically adjust your physical wheel and virtual wheel to those degrees.. Please make this happen :smile: 
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