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  1. So wait a minute... that scanning was to put the car in DiRT 4 for the final? We really don't know anything... Not sure. @KickUp has previously stated that the process of developing new cars takes considerable time, I can't believe they have scanned and implemented that in an afternoon (unless the scan was purely for the livery)  I am really curious as to whether this is a new car, or just a reskinned DiRT 4 Polo. The back end looks like the 2017 PSRXVW Polo, but the bonnet is wrong and I can't make out if you can still see a radiator in the back of the car.  It's still just
  2. In Portugal, DiRT Rally is very popular in the sim-racing crowd. Is this "simulator area" official or is it just something set-up by a local company as general entertainment? I wouldn't look that deep into this. Well, even if it isn't an official "simulator area" I find it very interesting that they're showing footage of a competing rally title in a WRC livestream while they have their official WRC game (with eSports series still running).
  3. This was discussed many pages back, or in the WRC 8 thread. The WRC mention in that thread is just an example of what they do. I take this back. The wording is different this time. And the job opening is different. The last one was something like "you will work with a studio that has created big titles like WRC" (or something like that). This one is "vous aurez la possibilité de travailler sur des productions prestigieuses telles que WRC et d'autres titres à venir sur consoles et PC." I don't read French so I translated it to the two languages I can speak: "tendrá la oportunidad de trabaj
  4. Problem not solved. What if the WRC Promoter says only current cars (no classics) or no non-WRC locations? People will expect those kinds of things (classics and new locations) from a game called DiRT Rally 2, because DiRT Rally 1 had them. What happens when 2019 comes and they get none of that stuff? Title should be: DiRT EVO The Official World Rally Championship Game. This way, the DiRT branding is there, to help sell, and it's not a sequel to DiRT Rally, but rather a spinoff. I'm going to instantly pre-order the DiRT EVO The Official World Rally Championship Game 22B Special Limited S1
  5. Toyota confirmed? Confirmed what? Toyota confirmed to be as unaware of Codemasters' next rally title as all of us?
  6. RBR had Arctic Lapland Rally too which would be a fantastic winter rally due to the stages being very fast.
  7. I have a feeling this is some kind of a hint. https://twitter.com/codemasters/status/975427503157202944?s=21
  8. I read it as the dude got pissed for Tänak beating them on the leaderboard. Guess I misunderstood. I haven't watched the rally yet. TBH, his first post in motorsportforums was kind of a but-hurt. He suggested  that fine for reckless driving from FIA isn't just enough and FIA should  make Tänak an example and warning for future - dsq. Monte Carlo Rally and ban for several events. I mean, if FIA decides that it was too much and Tänak did it for just showoff, then yeah, he should be punished by a fine, not ruing his season. Thanks to OP's extreme views got Estonians mad.  As
  9. Probably one of the reasons why Neuville lost so much more is the fact that there were lots of snow and ice where he went off so the car was more difficult to get back on the road.
  10. https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/956920045132746752/photo/1
  11. https://twitter.com/craig_breen/status/956642468216426496 https://twitter.com/craig_breen/status/956661448687661057 Keeping these in mind I’m very pleasantly surprised by Breen’s current place in the overall standings.
  12. Just found this on Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/gamersboard/videos/1846838708683152/ @Rallycameraman so apparently you’re a pro rally driver now, eh? :joy:
  13. This photo does nothing but make me hungry. I didn't think it was possible after everything I ate yesterday... What even actually is that? I can only tell it's fried... something... with maybe cinnamon ? Looks like chicken wings to me.
  14. iRacing has had its problems with the physics, that’s for sure, but in its current state I actually like the physics of it the most out of current sims. They really have improved catching slides a lot. Have to say that the thing I like most about iRacing’s physics is that in my opinion it gives the best feeling of being in touch with the road out of all simulators. The laser-scanned tracks of iRacing are one of the best things about it IMO. Driving non-scanned versions of the tracks I’ve driven in iR just feels so wrong. Also I haven’t seen as good track textures as in iRacing in any other ga
  15. That is excellent reference, thank you! Will be very useful on
  16. I think too that the physics of WRC 7 are nice which is only a good thing because competition is always needed and it will push Codemasters to improve their physics in future if they want to stay competitive. Here’s my video which shows it well that WRC 7 really is a solid rally game in terms of gameplay and it does some things better and some things worse than DiRT Rally and DiRT 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFdBv_rW5v8 I’m very happy that Codemasters lets us discuss other games here too. I like all rally games and like to talk about the good and bad sides of them politely without any
  17. I agree. The game is horrible. The input lag is totally killing the handling.  The shortest review you ever need:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdhInvUmJjE That’s steering animation lag instead of input lag. I use cockpit cam and experience the same behavior (although it isn’t really that bad on my system as in the video) especially when counter-steering but the car reacts to my inputs way ahead of the animation. It seems like the steering animation goes through some input filters because it seems to have some speed-sensitivity and I actually feel like the animation has some k
  18. Have to say that I’m very impressed with WRC 7 so far. Alright, it’s not meant to be a hardcore simulator but that’s not a problem because the gameplay feels very entertaining. I think the FFB is pretty much on par with DiRT 4 on my G27 so it isn’t a game-breaker but could be better of course. In terms of sounds the tech behind them isn’t as complex and detailed as in DiRT’s, but the sound samples sound very authentic to me and the exhaust bangs, turbo sounds and road effects blend very well with everything so overall I’m actually quite happy with the sounds. The stages are fantastic and I’ve
  19. That’s so cool! Although I can imagine that something like that could result in endless amount of swearing when you would have to fix everything yourself after rolling your virtual rally car 10 times.
  20. Awesome! Pretty much sounds like my trip to Rally Finland in 2014 when I was on the stages every day. This year I was on Ouninpohja 1 & 2 only but a great trip once again! Have to say that the Yaris WRC is the best looking car in real life. Latvala’s car broke down just a few hundred meters before the place where I was in so I was able to get a closer look at the car :)
  21. What a great rally! Incredible comeback from Evans to finish 2nd and at the same unfortunate for Hänninen to lose by +0.3s but a great drive nonetheless. Lappi’s first win is an amazing achievement and I just can’t wait to see his performance in 2018!
  22. https://twitter.com/jokinen_samuel/status/891591712124096512 End of Suninen’s rally couldn’t have been any closer than this. Fortunately he managed to finish the stage and is now in 4th with only Power Stage to go but he’s out of reach for podium... It will be a tight battle between Evans and Hänninen though with only 0.9s seperating them! Yesterday was very unfortunate for Latvala but I have to give Lappi credit for his blistering performance. I really didn’t expect that his maiden win is only one stage away in his 4th(!) rally with a WRC car! I, like many others, have always known that he
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