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  1. Here’s the reason why his comments sounded quite downbeat: https://www.facebook.com/krismeeke/posts/939532142845625
  2. I’m absolutely blown away by the pace of Lappi and Suninen. Alright, I expected them to be quick but I didn’t expect them to be THIS quick! 1-2-3 (Latvala-Lappi-Suninen) for Finns after 8 stages. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been this proud of being Finnish before :mrgreen:
  3. It's not correct. I already pointed that out before game release and I bet you can guess what they gave as the reason for that... :confused: Here's a quick edit of the interior I did some time ago in 3ds Max (the edited model obviously can't be used in the game) and such simple changes as moving the digidash down between drivers, creating a more realistic gear display (with a stand) behind the steering wheel and lowering the steering axle resulted in a much more R5-looking rally car than what we have... at least IMO.
  4. Finnish government is officially the coolest in the world! We would never have anything like that in the UK! It's 17 to drive here, although you can take a tractor test at 16, so you can technically drive a tractor before you can drive a car which makes 0 sense. You can also drive a tractor with a 14 tonne trailer on a standard license, but can't tow a trailer on a car, which also makes 0 sense. Well, I'm Finnish and got my tractor license at 15 and driving license at 18 so it's not like our country makes any more sense in this regard :joy:
  5. This is how the display should look like when the car is in stage mode: https://youtu.be/hBXIiRNMtJQ Simple display with a big gear display. The display we have in DiRT 4 isn't the stage mode display but instead the display they get when the car is in road mode.
  6. I would really like to know the answer to this too. It was a fantastic addition to DiRT Rally and would really like to see it in DiRT 4 because going to options and changing the shifter layout manually for every car is really annoying.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akUZB2Rk9Sg Finally some E2 footage!                           
  8. Evo VII? Evo VIII was such a badass looking WRC car, Evo VII was very popular N- group car, but it never did it for me ;) Did I already mention I need that 206 WRC in D4 :P ? You might have forgotten the Evo VII WRC then? ;) I really liked it at least! (The Evo VIII looks really cool too though so I would be happy with either of them. :mrgreen:)
  9. Confirmed, America is indeed better. Canada gets it on the 6th too, and free healthcare. Finland gets it on the 9th but we don't care because we'll catch your 72h headstart in approximately two stages. #FlyingFinns (ok this didn't help my sanity either, I really need it on the 6th)
  10. @KickUp In DiRT Rally after stalling the car mid-air with manual clutch the engine didn't turn on when landing even though it should have (the momentum after the jump should make the tires roll again and turn on the engine). Has this been fixed in DiRT 4 because it was quite annoying at times? :)
  11. https://twitter.com/otttanak/status/865886228310355969 Lost over a minute on SS12 :disappointed: Very unfortunate... Ogier's leading now by almost 20 seconds.
  12. Why where they so close together? Just a wild guess since I don't really know what has actually happened but I guess there has been a misinformation by the test stage organizers and the cars have started from both ends of the stage at the same time and crashed at some point... Very unfortunate news (a similar situation happened last year in Finland too) :(
  13. The best part of the stream for me was to hear the sound of the Fiesta R2. The 3-cylinder engine sounded spot on perfect, even the ALS sounded just like the real car. And I'm comparing it to my real life experiences having seen (and heard) a handful of those new Fiesta R2's already!
  14. The WRC 7 has been announced and the trailer looks just as unimpressive as last year: https://www.facebook.com/wrcofficialgame/videos/782479978590712/ (Sorry for "off-topic")
  15. OFF-TOPIC(?) but I have to say that I'm so angry seeing Assetto Corsa get the Toyota Celica ST185 Gr.A in their next DLC that I just want to swear... Ok here it comes, brace yourselves, I just can't help myself: fruitcake.
  16. You know who we want as co-driver. Paul Coleman in **** robes.  Trailer looks sweet! edit- lol why does the forum censor the name of the son of God? The hell? The forum must be an atheist. :mrgreen:
  17. YES! They have fixed the interior of the Impreza S8 WRC and it looks absolutely fantastic!
  18. So every time you use the handbrake, you're pulling the tigger? :D
  19. Now listen here young rapscallion, we made the game better for you kids so you be grateful now!  *head falls off*
  20. Pffft, crosskarts would be absolutely AWESOME on rally stages! It has already been proven here in Finland... ;) https://youtu.be/wPXENKf84V8
  21. Imagine if Dirt 4's physics engine became so advanced: Front wheels go to full lock in 0s. Car's chassis spins at 100 000 rpm due to massive amounts of momentum. Steering gets 100% damage. Every other component gets 100% damage. DNF                                        
  22. Although the AP4 cars are very interesting and unique, I don't see a reason for Codemasters to add a national rally class (AP4 is only used in New Zealand AFAIK) into the game. I would rather like to see some world-widely popular rally cars people have been asking for to be added into the existing classes. :) 
  23. Even though it's a turbo, the official name for the 1ltr EcoBoost model is "Ford Fiesta R2" because the official name for the class is R2  https://www.m-sport.co.uk/images/New_R2_Sales_Document_v6_2.pdf  I believe R2T is just some made up subcategory name to categorize the NA and turbo cars more easily. :)
  24. That doesn't look bad at all! I am not into RX at all, but I hope they decide to do some Rally stuff too! I think PC2 has somewhat more realisitc lighting than D4, just can't put my finger on the source. Maybe a mixture of reflections on metal and visible sunlight rays, but the difference isn't that big. Compared to D4, DiRT has a whole lot better particle effects (dirt) than PC2 though, which is a huge immersion part if you drive offroad. I'm not really exited for PC2, after how PC1 turned out. Promised features never came and although the physics were plausible, the FFB was utter B
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