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  1. "most iconic" is highly subjective. (And probably dependent on age)  I don't find the Escort 'most iconic' at all... it's a often used car from that era but overall not more important than the Stratos or Quattro or Mini or RS200.  To me, the most iconic rally car would be the '99 Impreza, but it's subjective. "It's just like... your opinion, man." I have a feeling that you've just started the debate of the year. :joy:
  2. @KickUp Sorry for bringing this up once again but this is the last time I'm going to try to get an answer to this :) So, is it some licensing issue or some other reason why the interior of the Peugeot 208 R5 doesn't have a Magneti Marelli data display and a gear display but instead the displays we had in the 208 RX in DiRT Rally?
  3. Meeke quickest so far in both SS1 and SS2. I really hope he's going to be able to keep the C3 on the road because there aren't parking lots in Corsica like there were in Mexico.
  4. No variable strength on the motion blur, sorry. I just tested bumper cam in the rain and you get the same rain effect no matter which exterior camera you use (in Dirt 4). I'll see what I can do about the water splashes... Nooooooo you will encourage him again!! We just got over the great water splash debate  :D :D What water splash debate? ;)
  5. I think the fact that we have so much wrong information in some videos/articles is more of a let-down than the fact that we aren't getting those cars in DiRT 4. @KickUp sorry for bringing this up again but is there any chance you could answer my question on the topic of that Peugeot 208 R5 interior in the previous page of this thread? :)
  6. That's what I thought too but I've have never seen a display like that in a 208 R5. It's just a minor detail but I was so happy when I saw that the Fiesta R5 and Impreza NR4 had correct interiors so it would be nice to know the reason for the interior of the 208 R5. @KickUp ? :blush:
  7. I know this is just nitpicking but I really hoped the cockpit of the 208 R5 would've looked like this with a Magneti Marelli MPDU data display in the middle and a gear display behind the steering wheel... I just can't stand the look of that data display in DiRT 4 (as seen in the 208 RX in DiRT Rally) with that fake Motec look :neutral:
  8. I think it's unnecessary to compare different driving views. Some people use bumper cam because it gives the best sense of speed due to the camera being so close to the ground, some people use the bonnet cam because it gives the best sense of where the front edges of the car are, some people use interior cams because they're the most authentic compared to real life and some people use the chase cam because it gives the best sense of the edges of the whole car. I personally use interior cams because I'm all about authenticity, but each to their own! 
  9. Likely only in cockpit cam because of the discrimination against bumper cam users :mrgreen:
  10. "Let's be in a helicopter" sounds like it could have been the name of some popular 90's dance song lol
  11. Talking about funny pacenotes, Marcus Grönholm had some great ones too like here at 0:22  https://youtu.be/t-meibNQEBU "...jatkuu vasen perkeleen pitkä..." which translates to something like "...into a damn long left..." :joy:
  12. I'm with you on that one. Rally cars should make noise - the louder the better, not buzz around like insects in heat. Exactly. The sound of a rally car is something special. As an example the Escort fanatics we have on this forum who share their memories about the sound of a BDA echoing in the forests back in 70's... I just can't imagine that in future people are telling stories about how someone's electric rally car was hissing in a forest  :|
  13. I want to take a big risk this time with my predictions: 1. Breen 2. Neuville 3. Ogier 4. Tänak 5. Sordo 6. Latvala / Meeke / Paddon
  14. I hate all of them equally. Almost flagged for abuse :D
  15. I really hope it will change because watching a mid-aged man reading pacenotes in Jen's voice would be quite a big of an immersion breaker for me at least.
  16. I have driven it :D Comment flagged for abuse. :smiley: I want a go in the RS RX, but I really want to have a go in a Group B rallycross car. I have my fingers crossed that a certain Ford is going to make the cut... I have seen the Group B RX cars and they look absolutely awesome! I can't wait to try them out particularly [redacted] and the [redacted]  [redacted] you. :D
  17. Talking about "Gravel" by Milestone, I'm not sure if these grey/green creatures from hell are supposed to be rocks or what
  18. Anyone else had to rewind and watch this part again to make sure it wasn't real life footage? Absolutely incredible.
  19. Currently there are 5 threads with 4 spam flags - we need our hero now!
  20. Imagine the spectacle we'd get with a Camilli/C3 combo. Madness! Yeah, on top of FIA cancelling stages due to too high speeds we would get stages cancelled because of Camilli wrapping his C3 around a tree every rally :D
  21. @KickUp Are the Group B cars going to have more wheelspin in DiRT 4 than in DiRT Rally and do we have to drive them more "like they're supposed to be driven"? With that I mean that is there going to be need to take corners slower than before and are the braking distances longer? More wheelspin would make them feel more powerful too and I think that they felt like they don't have enough power in DiRT Rally.
  22. Interesting... https://www.facebook.com/rallyparadise/posts/1260047170753377
  23. I think it feels quite nice to drive and well... I already had to render it because the model is so beautiful! :joy: (Sorry for off-topic...)
  24. Looking good for Latvala. Fastest time for him by 7.1 seconds to Tänak in SS16 and leading by 10.9 seconds overall now! Toyota's first win might be closer than I thought...
  25. Neuville out https://twitter.com/HMSGOfficial/status/830462451514736641 EDIT: That's actually SS15 instead of SS14.
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