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  1. Thank you Codemasters! They also said they'll have some new FFB setting for us to try later today. (more info on Steam patch notes)
  2. Would also like to see some better optimization for weather conditions. I run medium at 55-65fps but drop down to 40-45fps on a dark rainy track. 
  3. As others have mentioned on the steam forum 'Known Issues' post, the co-driver bug is not only audio but visual as well. I figure the two are tied together in someway, but it is worth mentioning this is a HUD problem as well as an audio problem.  Other than that my few hours of racing have been pretty commendable. Already enjoying the direction this game is headed, keep it up!!
  4. Did you happen to run the graphics benchmark? I think that's why we, and others, are getting this error.
  5. This definitely needs to be addressed ASAP.  The only information I am getting from my co-driver is about car damage. No help whatsoever with directions. 
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