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  1. Azoresst said:
    Hello guys.

    DiRT Rally got released today (Early acess) and the team wants to hear the feedback from all! I want to do something like the wishlist, where you post the feedback and I will make a list.

    Feedback list:

    General (Physics, etc.):

    - 4WD 2010's cars feel way to stiff. Should be a bit more slippery in overall;
    - "Comprehensive engine damage, cracked cylinders, snapping belts, sheared mounts/anything that might come from you not spending enough time on repairs/mechanics";
    - No checkpoints with clock result;
    - Number of kilometers for each special is not displayed as well as track layout;
    - When we hit finish line, the race finish...we should be able to continue driving to the service tent;
    - Wind sound increasing as the car is getting faster would help evaluate the sense of speed.
    - Manual wipers;
    - Dust accumulation on windshield;
    - Switch headlights on/off;
    - Add helicopters;
    - Position of the grid should be dynamically simulated. Depending if you're the first driver of the day to race or the last, you can see track degradation and wear. For example, more rocks, mud and skidmarks, so starting last is more challenging;
    - We should be able to see cars behind and car starting in front of us, and be able to catch up with the front drivers;
    -Add random events in race like crashed cars, rocks and obstacles, so the same special feels different even if you play it twice;
    - Car in snow specials should swivel from left to right at the starting lines;
    - Create an easier AI times for new gamers;

    - Laser scanned tracks;

    - Make the livery files easier to get to;

    +1 with this ideas !

    -It's important to add some degradation of road. for example when we are on tarmac, the road is often full of gravel because the first competitor take inside of the turn.

    -See a car crash or mechanical failure ahead of the road would make the game more realistic. In real, i see a lot of car stopped in stage when i go in !